Pornhub Wants To Gift Your Mom Virtual Reality Glasses For Mother's Day

Awesome or awkward?

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When I saw an email slide into my inbox this week labeled "PornHub Presents Mother's Day Promotion," I promptly choked on whatever I was eating and laughed uproariously with extreme delight.

I love, love, love PornHub. I mean, how can you not love a website that exists solely to provide you with a vast wealth of porn movies to help you have a mind-blowing orgasm? It can't be done. Also, they encouraged people to fuck while dressed as pandas. I MEAN, COME ON!


In addition to porn, I also love, love, love, my mom. 

So I guess, according to Pornhub, using that logic there's nothing better to give your mother on Mother's Day than porn?

Not any old porn, of course. VR PORN!

That's right, thanks to the brilliant perverts over at Pornhub your mom can now enjoy all of the pornography she wants courtesy of "Mommy's Special Glasses," a set of VR glasses that come in the form of a greeting card.

The card transforms into the glasses and then all mom has to do is slide her phone under the viewing slot and presto, all of the dirty, dirty VR porn a very special mother like yours can handle.


>>>GET THEM HERE!! And they're free!<<<

Because no promotion would be complete without me typing loudly, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE," Pornhub is also releasing exclusive "mom only" porn specifically to be used with said magical VR porn glasses for Mommy. 

It's an awesome idea, but I think the people who are comfortable enough with their own AND their mother's sexuality to present her with a gift of porn are few and far between. Still, I am sure there will be some funny baby daddies presenting their baby mamas with these suckers to celebrate the big day. 


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While I can't see us rapping about porn so openly and casually with our parents (nor do I necessarily think that we even SHOULD) I think it is awesome that Pornhub is acknowledging that becoming a mother doesn't mean you magically lose any and all desire to have sex, to watch porn, or to get turned on. 

We have this tendency as a society to try and fit women into boxes (the not vagina variety) and the box of "mother" is one of the most traditionally restrictive there is.


We are still culturally fighting the notion that women who are mothers can't have other jobs. The idea that we might someday live in a world where what a mother can and cannot do is no longer even up for debate is perhaps the greatest Mother's Day gift of them all.