Choose ME, Every Single Day (Or Let Me Go)

My heart is too full of love to not get the same love back.

Choose Me, Every Single Day (Or Let Me Go) pexels

I’m not an option, I’m a priority. I’m a first choice... I should be your first choice

My heart is too full of love to not get the same love back that I give out. So if you aren't ready for that, I need you to let me go now.

If you can’t choose to love me when I can’t love myself, when I feel like I’m stuck and I don’t know what my next step in life is and when I’m being absolutely difficult, then you don't get to keep me. 


If all you want are the smiles and good times then boy do you have a reality check coming your way.

A real relationship isn’t the one we see in movies or on TV that is always perfect and never hard. 

It’s not a straight line, there are so many ups and downs, twists, and turns that can seem unexpected but the true testament to your love for one another is the ability to stay.


The ability to choose that person no matter what comes around the bend.

But if you aren’t ready for that then let me find someone who is.

I want someone who is willing to accept me for who I am every day, and if you're up for this crazy adventure I promise to always be by your side.

Truthfully, relationships only work when we’re both on the same page. It’s unfair to be the one who chooses you every day, to be the one who puts you first and to turn around and be put second or third.  


I can’t promise every day is going to be easy. I can definitely be a lot to handle at times. I’m not perfect. 

I'm going to drive you so many shades of crazy at times, I’m going to be extra loving somedays, and others I going to be distant. I won’t be the perfect girl every day.

I can’t promise you that every day you’re going to like me. There will be days we won’t want to see each other, where just hearing the other person’s voice is going to get under our skins. 

There will be days that picking me will take a lot of deep breaths and you’ll feel like you’re running a marathon.

But I need you to choose me on the days that are sunny and lovey but you also have to choose me on the dark and dreary days. If you can’t do that then I’m not the girl for you.


I can promise that if you do this, my choice is fairly simple. I choose to love you daily.

Even when you’re driving me crazy with all your sports talk or when you’re paying more attention to the guys. Even when you are struggling to figure out what you want to do and when we can’t seem to agree on anything.

If you can promise to always let me be your first choice despite what is thrown at us I promise to never let the hard stuff overshadow the good stuff.

I promise to put you first. It’s as easy as that.