7 Women Reveal What It's Really Like To Go Down On Another Woman

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what it is like going down on another girl

We've done stories on women going down on men and men going down on women, so it seemed like it was time to do women going down on women. And it makes sense. Who better would know what feels good to a woman, than a woman?

So, we asked a bunch of women, including a few adult performers since they do this professionally and have the great intel, what's unique about it, what they love, and what to watch out for.

We learned a lot. You will too. Also, we may need a cigarette...

Going down on a woman seems to be the same as going down on a man in that you need to breathe, let the feelings build, and not get too aggressive with those teeth (Ouch!), but beyond that, it seems to be very different from both ends. Here's what it is like going down on another girl.

1. It's an intense challenge you must commit to.

"Going down on a woman is amazing. It's intense, it's a challenge, and can sometimes be intimidating. I love the intimacy of it. I love the smell, the feel of her wetness underneath my tongue and lips, I love the way it changes as she's more and more aroused. I'm very aware of her body language and how she positions herself towards me as an indication of whether my pressure is too hard, too gentle, or just right. Aside from that, my senses fully engage as I'm more aware of her sounds — those little involuntary moans and breaths that escape as opposed to being forced.

I love using fingers if she enjoys them, too. Rather than just thrusting, I use fingers to explore the inner and outer labia, tease the outside, feel for her G-spot. Some people who are not fans of fingering have had bad experiences with it in the past. As an added bonus, I like to use a clitoral stimulating massage gel that works magic everywhere. I want to please her, so when I hear things like 'Oh my God, right there!' and 'DON'T STOP!' I keep going, no matter if my jaw is locking or my neck is breaking. I also keep vibrators charged, just in case."Jessica Drake

2. I love the taste of a sweet vagina.

"When I go down on a woman I know exactly what it feels like to receive pleasure there, so I try to emulate the sensation. I probe gently, slowly working my way into opening a lady up with my tongue. The most sensitive part for me is my clitoris so I pay lots of attention, flicking my tongue over it. Gently at first building up the pressure. I try to watch and feel my girlfriend to see how her body is reacting. I also ask her if I am doing it how she wants it. I love the taste of a sweet vagina and I can stay down there all day long if I know my partner is enjoying me being there."Tanya Tate

3. It's fun to tease out the moans.

"Going down on a woman is amazing. It's warm, and wet, and salty, and reactions you can pull from your partner are so varied. Which makes it super-fun to try to tease out different sounds. It's also different for every woman. Some women have huge, sensitive clits. Some you have to coax out. The one thing that's always constant, though, is the connection. Even if she's a new partner, there's a sort of raw energy exchange when your face is between her legs and her knees are clamped on your ears. It's magical and comforting and sexy as hell." —Anonymous

4. I love how soft she is.

"What's not to love about going down on a woman? A woman's genitalia is soft, sweet and fun to play with. I love being able to run my mouth over her folds and lips, the feathery pubic hair being trimmed just above the clitoral area and subtle warmth and sweetness of natural female lubrication. When someone is going down on me, I take the time to get aroused so I'm aware that many women aren't easily orgasmic. I think that my own needs have made me better at giving oral sex, including not just going in for the kill but taking my time, starting with a much softer touch and with my partner's guidance, building up pressure and speed if needed. If you go in too fast and too hard in the beginning, it can throw the whole experience off." —Julia Ann

5. Making her orgasm makes me feel like I accomplished something.

"It's like getting the guy you've been craving, only much better! Making a man orgasm is easy but a woman takes skills. You have to desire her more than a guy so you can do a good job. But if the attraction is there and you are a pleaser, it's amazing. Women taste great, throb amazingly, moan, and orgasm in shakes in a way that makes you feel empowered. Making a woman orgasm makes me feel like I accomplished something. And unlike men, you're not looking for yours so you don't rush the process." —Anonymous

6. Breathing in her scent is the most exciting part.

"One thing about going down on a woman is that it's not that different from going down on a man: you have to work on your breathing. Yes, you have more space to breathe usually, but let me tell you... when she gets close, you're ALL IN! So pace yourself." —Anonymous

7. Her natural taste is such a turn-on.

"Going down on a woman is one of the sexiest things around. When you start getting close to her vagina, you can usually smell her, and obviously you can (hopefully) see how wet she is, which is a turn on. There's usually a bit of a musky smell to a woman, but the taste is usually pretty tangy. Of course, it depends on where she is in her cycle and how well she's wiped, but the worst thing is if a woman uses water to wipe herself after she pees. It removes all the natural smells and tastes." —Anonymous