This Is The Kind Of Girl You Should NEVER Stop Fighting For

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This Is The Kind Of Girl Worth Fighting For

The kind of girl worth fighting for is the one that encourages you to become a better man.

She has that something that motivates you to become the best version of yourself; not because you want to be like her, but because you want to be the kind of man that she deserves.

She can be a little childish, get a little jealous or sometimes feel afraid of being forgotten, but she is a mature woman. She knows who she is, what she likes and where she wants to go.

She knows she has flaws and imperfections, and even though she has struggled, she has battled her demons and that has given her enough confidence to realize how brave and amazing she is.


The kind of girl worth fighting for is the one that will listen to you and your crazy dreams, and she will encourage you to follow them, even if they don’t make sense to anybody else.


With her, you won’t be scared of being yourself. You won’t be embarrassed by your silliness or of drinking beer and watching sports because even though she might not understand everything about the game you are watching, she will enjoy being next to the man that she loves.

The kind of girl worth fighting for has her own goals and plans.

You have to know that she has a life when you are not around, and when she is not spending time with you, she is working hard to follow her dreams and her passions. She will be the woman sitting next to you on a Thursday night, drinking coffee, talking about what makes her heart race and telling you all the details about the new job she wants to apply or the trip she wants to take.

There’s something magical about her and her spirit that leaves you craving for more. After spending months, days or even hours with this kind of woman, you decide that she is worth it. She is worth every effort that you do to keep her in your life.


Please do your best and fight, because not every girl is like her. If you don’t, you will live a life or regrets, always wondering what would have happened if you had.


Not every girl out there dares to follow her heart and her dreams because many of them are afraid, or scared to show love or affection. A lot just want the kisses and the cute photos, but they aren’t ready for the commitment a relationship includes.

The girl that is worth fighting for is ready for commitment. She has always been; she’s just been waiting for the right man.

The man that will give everything and will fight for her, so the relationship can work.


This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.