There's A New Machine That'll Make Women's Orgasms BETTER

Photo: WeHeartIt

If a cis-man is worried about his lower back or his knees, he doesn't ever stop to wonder if his penis is to blame. 

That makes sense because for someone more biologically male, your back is your back, your knees are your knees, and your penis is, yup, you guessed it, your penis. 

For cis-women, it's a little bit different. That's because of (surprise) our vaginas. To be more specific, it's because of our pelvic floors. 

The muscles we rely on to provide us with an amazing sexual experience are the same muscles we also rely on to support our back, our knees, and to help control incontinence. 

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Because this isn't the case for men, the medical community doesn't really do a lot of research when it comes to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor that can weaken as we get older.

If our pelvic floor muscles had nothing at all to do with the good feelings we associate with orgasm and sex it might be different, but for whatever reason (read: sexism, prudishness, and the patriarchy), because it's something that is medically beneficial to a woman and might also bring her sexual enjoyment, it is considered quackery. No one will touch it with a ten-foot pole. 

The Yarlap is a new invention that is suffering because of this mindset. It's an orgasm machine, but it's so much more. 


What is it? While the name might sound like the noise your dog makes throwing up baked beans, the device itself is actually pretty spectacular in design. It provides low-level electric stimulation to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It was initially designed to treat incontinence, but, a woman's pelvic floor and vagina being vast and containing multitudes, it became clear pretty early on that the device would also help women achieve amazing sexual satisfaction thanks to better orgasms. 

Eat your heart out, Kegels. 

Sounds pretty dope, right? Who doesn't love an orgasm machine? Right. But the FDA and potential advertising partners that Yarlap's creators tried to work with hit an interesting snag: the machine could be advertised as giving women orgasms, or helping stop incontinence, but it can't be advertised as doing both. 

Disregarding the fact that talking about sex makes most advertisers (and like, the general populous) nervous, it is insane to me that the proven health benefits of a device would be shrugged off because the machine in question can also bring a person pleasure. 

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Like, my vagina can feel good while doing something that is HEALTHY for it too, y'all. It ain't that hard. 

Our sexual health is a part of our overall health and well-being, and it's time we let that exist in the light instead of forcing people to separate the categories in their head and in the process continuing these wrong-headed attitudes about female sexuality.