5 Must-Try Sex Positions For Short Women (And The Guys Who Love Them)

Because height does matter.

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Being short has its drawbacks, but as far as sex goes — your shortness actually gives you more versatility than anything.

As a short woman you have the ability to be bent into all types of shapes, especially if you're a naturally flexible person. It's simply about knowing your body and knowing that unless you have a strong partner (or intend to bend the entire time), standing sex positions may not do you good.


That said, here are five different sex positions that will let you begin to explore what works best for your height. With these base positions you can start out simple and adjust the difficulty as you decide which ones work for you and which ones don't.gramm

1. Seated sex positions 


Try variations of the Frog, where you squat in a leaping position directly in front of his leaping position as he thrusts behind you to the Cradle. These positions are sort of tailored to short girls since any extra length would also keep you at bay from penetration. So knock yourself out with this ... or this ... or this

2. Edge of the bed sex positions

Positions such as the Lazy Wheel Barrel, where you lie on your stomach while nearing the edge of the bed and he lifts your legs around his wait while he thrusts, are particularly good for being penetrated from behind when you have taller partners. You can also dangle while on your back adding the same advantage and add pillows (per usual) to switch your angle.


3. Woman on top sex positions 

Your run of the mill positions such as Cowgirl and Asian Cowgirl give a bit more intimacy, as you'll at some point my eye and skin contact. Furthermore, it gives your height a middle ground to meet your man at — ultimately making it a nonfactor. This, however, is one of the few styles that give you control of penal depth (what a hot phrase). 

4. Spooning sex positions


While thrusting on your side seems to be a pain in the ass (not a fan of the scooching versus actual thrusting), Spooning positions are your best friend as a short girl. With a little bit of alignment you absolutely won't be find your shortness to be a setback. There are several adjustments that can freshen up this position (lifting a leg in a swan like position), but the most common way is to simply lie in a cuddling position with your pelvises aligned. 

5. Oral sex positions 


Sit on his face or vice versa (with a little adjustment, obvi), this is one position that has absolutely nothing to do with yours heights — just good ol' oral sex.