20 RUTHLESS People Who Got Caught Using Dating Apps To Cheat

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20 RUTHLESS People Who Got Caught Using Dating Apps To Cheat

These couples thought they had everything going for them: a happy life, a strong relationship, trust. But thanks to the pairing of an advancement in technology with the need to satisfy certain — insatiable — cravings, cheating on your significant other just got way easier.

Because texting and dating apps like Tinder might be convenient for cheaters, but they also give a suspicious partner all the evidence they need when they're trying to figure out if their significant other being unfaithful of not.

Gone are the days where you needed to take a "business trip" to have an affair. Now one can do all the cheating they want with a few clicks of their thumb. But just because dating apps make things simple, that doesn't mean the cheaters still won't be caught. Here are some real stories of people who had their infidelity exposed all thanks to an app on their phone.

1. That's definitely what happened...

"I just caught my boyfriend on Tinder. He said he just forgot to delete it when we got back together. Idk if I believe him."

2. That's quite the cowardly move.

"After my boyfriend proposed and we celebrated our year anniversary I caught him on a dating site. What a douche."

3. Sometimes we have every reason to go crazy.

"I caught my boyfriend of a month on a dating site a few days ago. I forgave him but now I'm paranoid and feel crazy."

4. Likely story; she definitely knows better.

"I caught my girlfriend talking to guys on a dating site. She thinks it isn't cheating :/"

5. Count your blessings and be grateful you found out early on. 

"I made a fake Tinder profile and caught the guy I was with in some lies. He's mad now. Am I crazy? Or should I be happy I caught him?"

6. It's not FOMO...

"Caught my boyfriend using Tinder, like WTF, then he says he loves me and just needed to "communicate" with people. Talk about FOMO."

7. Seriously, do guys just not get monogamy?

"My boyfriend said he loved me for the first time Saturday. This was after I caught him on a dating site... Yeah dude I really feel it..."

8. Denial is common.

"I have caught my husband on Grindr, but I'm still married to him."  

9. Not the way you want that to go...

"One day my friend caught this guy I met (and he admitted to liking me the same day) swiping on Tinder while I was in the restroom."

10. That must have been awkward.

"My girlfriend caught me on Grindr with a hard on."

11. We're sorry, dude.

"So I caught my girlfriend flirting on Tinder the other day and she sorta refused to tell me straight away... she's playing it off, but I have no idea what to do..."

12. Some people don't understand that dating apps aren't relationship-friendly.

"I just caught my boyfriend on Grindr (a dating app). I confronted him and he said it's my fault and I have trust issues... That's the conversation."

13. What a way to celebrate...

"Caught my boyfriend on dating websites... we've just moved in together too. Feel broken every day."

14. Sometimes we ask questions that we already know the answers to.

"Boyfriend was caught active on a dating site by a friend. He lost the trust, what should he do to get it back?"

15. Think of the kids.

"I caught my husband of 10 years on sex dating sites. We have 3 kids together. I'm wondering if I should give him another chance. Again..."

16. Time to get woke!

"I caught him on dating websites. Confronted him. He is next to me sleeping like a baby. I have been wide awake for 3 hours now. All I want to do is punch him in the face."

17. Good that he got the message.

"Caught my boyfriend actively on an online dating site. Don't give him a chance to explain. A chance to lie to me. I just left him."

18. These decisions are never easy.

"Caught my boyfriend on Tinder. He doesn't know that I saw that. I'm just so torn if I should confront him about it."

19. It's best to go look for friends elsewhere...

"I caught my boyfriend on a dating site. He said he was making friends. Please!?"

20. There are so many reasons to be suspicious; this is unacceptable.

"I caught my boyfriend on a dating site. He didn't say anything out of the way, just 'hey' and made an excuse... But now I'm so suspicious of him..."