Believe It Or Not, It's Totally Possible To Move On From An Affair

Looking back may be the best way to move forward — together.

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What happens when you love your husband, but find yourself straying from him? Sometimes, it's not easy to stop yourself from wandering away from your marriage. Being married for years and raising a beautiful family together should be what defines your marriage as unbreakable and lasting, but unfortunately that's not always the case.


Sometimes, things happen that push you to become sexually involved with another person.

Maybe it was only once, or maybe it has happened multiple times — but now, you can’t stop feeling guilty for straying from your spouse.


You might feel like your husband pushed you into the arms of another man or that your unhappiness led you away from your marriage, but whatever the case may be, there is a way for you to repair the damage that's been done and save your marriage.


Watch as relationship expert Dr. Erica Goodstone gives sound advice on how to stop being unfaithful to your spouse and turn your life around. 

She considers looking back on what has already happened a good starting place for moving forward, together. It isn't always easy to dig up the past, but it does ensure that there are no more secrets between you and your spouse as you move on and repair your marriage.



If your spouse really did do something to force you to find comfort in someone else, it is important to start with honesty. Being upfront from the beginning will only help heal your marriage.

Consider trying couples therapy, as well. It can be really beneficial for the both of you because it'll help you put everything out in the open, instead of hoping things fall into place on their own. Even if your significant other isn't into therapy, you can always go by yourself.

If anything, it'll give you the perfect opportunity to just talk about what happened in a safe, open environment. You and your therapist can work together to make sure it never happens again, and work on ways for you and your husband to heal — together.

If you're interested in learning more on the subject, you can contact Erica Goodstone directly here.