6 Crazy Things Women In Prison Use As Sex Toys

prison diy sex toys

Sometimes a girl just needs to get off, and using her own hands to masturbate doesn't always get the job done.

At those times, she can take a little stroll to her handy dandy sex toy drawer, and VOILA!

Vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs galore!

(Or maybe that's just what my sex drawer looks like...)


But, have you ever wondered what women in prison do to masturbate?

Many of us have (thankfully) have no knowledge of what happens in women's prisons, beyond what we can imagine thanks to the writers of Orange Is The New Black.


Well, unless they can manage to somehow smuggle in their personal favorite version of the Rabbit, incarcerated women have zero access to sex toys of any kind!

So what are they suppose to do — make their own?

Well ... yes. Duh!


We managed to do a little bit of research and here 5 examples of items women in prison have used as makeshift sex toys:

1. Food.


Yes! Samples can be pulled from most of the major food groups, including bananas, sausage, cucumbers ...

OK. You get the idea.

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2. Maxi Pads.


Known as a purple whale, the core of this DIY sex toy is a pen or toothbrush wrapped in maxi pads with a purple glove exterior.

You know, not particularly specific at all...

3. Soap.


Yes, soap. Really. According to an article in ATTN, incarcerated women often mold soap bars into the shape of a dildo.

I guess that's one way to get clean!

4. Pringles Cans.


An anonymous guard claims she once found, "A monstrously huge dildo made from cloth, a Pringles can, and newspapers."

Um ... ouch!

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5. Shaving Razors.


This one seems the most logical, IMHO. Just make to the side without the blade is the one you insert!

6. Jolly Ranchers

Melt 'em down. Fashion a flavorful penis. 


Listen, if you find the items on this list gross, you should know that your fancy store-bought sex toys can be just as gross if you don't clean them properly.

Even if you use an expensive dildo, it's important to always clean it after use. Using unwashed sex toys can lead to bacterial and yeast infections, according to Women's Health Magazine. And if the toy is shared among "friends", STD exposure can also be a concern.


I raise these health risks to point out how risky using a DIY dildo can be, especially considering the limited access women in prison have to cleaning products, which get confiscated by guards on fairly regular basis.


According to one study in PubMed:

"Although 71 of the 199 (36%) women reported having had sex with another inmate, with oral sex involved in most encounters, only eight (4%) had ever used a dental dam ... [And the] main sources of STI transmission risk among women prisoners were oral sex, manual sex and sharing dildos."

So make sure to care for your sex toys correctly ...

Unless, of course, you're in prison. In that case, may the odds be ever in your favor.

And also, I will never be able to look at a can of Pringles in the same way again.