The Quality You Value MOST, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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quality you value most
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Nothing, not even sex is more important to you.

Sex is a very necessary component to our health and our lives, but is there something that you need more than sex; something that is the foundation for all your relationships and everything that you care about?

We all have different values, things that we search for in others, and qualities that we need for our own survival.

For many of us it’s trust, and without it, we can never truly share a life with that person. For others, it’s independence, the ability to do what you want without having to get permission or approval from someone else.

Many of the qualities that we treasure the most, we have ourselves. The traits that we hold in high esteem are often reflected on us. If you weren’t trustworthy, would you seek it out in others? Possibly, but it might be a different characteristic that you were drawn to.

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Sometimes the values we have are instilled in us from our parents as we inherit many of the same values, morals, and opinions that they have. Think of how many people are the same political party as their parents or go to the same church.

Just because you value honesty above compassion doesn’t mean you can’t still be a compassionate person or admire that quality in others. It just means that as you live your life, you’d rather be truthful than spare someone’s feelings. It’s just how you’re wired.

Our values are as unique to us as our personalities are, and we don’t just have one quality that defines us but a whole variety. Astrology and the signs that we’re born under help to shape our personalities and our value systems as some characteristics go hand in hand with each sign.

Here’s the quality you value the most, based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: Boldness
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You value your ability to put yourself out there, to take chances, and to put yourself into the game. You're not a shrinking violet and you act, sometimes too quickly and without thought. You may be thought of as impulsive and a bit of a daredevil but you love that about yourself. You know that it's your fearlessness and courage that have helped to make you the success you are and you hope that you'll stay this way.


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TAURUS: Trustworthiness
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You're extremely reliable and people depend on you. You wish that other people were as trustworthy, loyal, and down to earth as you are, and then you wouldn't have to be so guarded of your emotions. You would never be unfaithful and that's what you need in a partner — someone who'd never cheat and whose promises mean something. You aren't asking for anything that you're not willing to give to the right person.


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GEMINI: Intelligence
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You're super-smart and you know it. Your intelligence helps define who you are and it's something that you seek out in others. When you're as intelligent as you are, you're also creative, funny, and innovative as all those qualities are offshoots of intelligence. If you couldn't be with someone who wasn't smart and couldn't carry a conversation, you'd probably be bored out of your skull.


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CANCER: Intuitiveness
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You seem to know what people are feeling even before they say anything to you and you know instinctively how to help them. You need someone who has that same talent and can be there for you when you need them. You're compassionate, caring, and perceptive — it's difficult for people to get one over on you. You are on to someone's game or con before they even start in on you and you shut it down. You rely on your instincts to protect you from potential pain and hurt.


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LEO: Generosity
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You're the epitome of generosity as you share your wealth, wisdom, and love with all the people that you care about. Although you're very busy, you make it a priority to be generous with your time for those who need it, whether it's a friend in crisis or a charity that needs you to volunteer. You have a big heart so it makes you feel good to give back and pay it forward to others.


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VIRGO: Self-sufficiency
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You pride yourself in your ability to take care of yourself and other people. You don't need to depend on others to make you feel whole and balanced. You're independent and extremely capable of handling any problem or situation. You don't gravitate to people who are overly needy, but if they do need you, you're there ready to help. You feel satisfaction when you do something well, especially if no one else could do it before you.


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LIBRA: Fairness
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The most important quality a person can have, in your mind, is the ability to see things from other people's perspective and to be fair and impartial. Injustice makes you uncomfortable and you can't stand prejudice and inequality. You may not be in love with conflict but you'll fight for the things that you believe in. You don't judge and you don't like others to judge you, especially if they do so harshly.


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SCORPIO: Stimulation
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You need to feel stimulated, excited and turned on. You have a lot of energy, especially for things that you're passionate about, and this energy makes you feel alive. You can't stand people who are complacent and dull, and you generally want no part of someone who bores you and has a lack of force behind the things that they care about. You're constantly improving and challenging yourself by expanding your mind and doing things that help you grow as a person.


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SAGITTARIUS: Independence
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You can't stand to be tied down and you need to feel as if you can go anywhere and do anything. You're a true free spirit and you look for that wanderlust in a partner. You need to be with someone who can accept that you need to roam and travel and can appreciate your wanting to explore the world. You try not to be dependent on anyone and if that means spending copious amounts of time alone, that's fine, though you prefer being out and meeting people.


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CAPRICORN: Conscientiousness
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You think of others and their needs, sometimes above your own. You're stable, patient, and reliable and you tend to want to do the right thing. You follow your conscience and you try to do what you feel is right, even if it goes against what someone else feels. You generally do the right thing and people know that they can trust you and that you'll never purposely do something to hurt them. You're the world's best employee, partner, and friend.


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AQUARIUS: Acceptance
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You need to feel that when you do something innovative and experimental, you have people who support and accept you. You're great at not judging others and for seeing the individuality of other people as assets. You don't feel compelled to do what's normal or expected and you don't want to be criticized or chastised for being who you are. You're original and you love that about yourself.


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You believe that humor can help get one through the dark times. If you can laugh at yourself without malice, you are lucky. You need people who see the humor in life. You're creative and talented but it's your humor that makes you feel the best about yourself. Laughter bonds people together and it helps to heal all wounds. You wouldn't know what to do if you didn't have a well-developed sense of humor.


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