Women Reveal The Truth About Having Sex With A Fat Man

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Women Reveal The Truth About Having Sex With A Fat Man

I love having sex with a fat man. I mean, I love having sex with thin men, too. Also women, all shapes, all sizes.

I like to share this information (often quite loudly) because we live in an age where men and women's bodies aren't allowed a lot of freedom. 

For the most part, unless your body is thin or slender, you're considered not sexy, you're considered not worthy of love.

We all know (really, if we think about it) that this way of thinking is beyond ridiculous. Why should the circumference of my thigh make me any more or less fuckable? It literally makes no sense. 

Women often suffer because of the strident ideals we put on human bodies, but men suffer because of it too.

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I recently overheard a group of women talking about sex at a bar and because I am a creeper of the highest order, I eavesdropped. 

"He's great," said one woman crinkling her nose, "but I cannot imagine having sex with a fat man." 

I thought about how many fat men I've slept with and how good the sex has been. 

I thought about the fat men I know who, hearing something like this, might get a case of the hurt feelings. 

Then I started wondering if other people I knew felt the same way about having sex with fat men as those women at the bar. 

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So I decided to ask an anonymous group of women who of them have had sex with a fat man and what the heck they've found to be so awesome about it.

I guarantee you that once you've read their answers you won't look at a fat man the same way again. 

What's the best thing about having sex with a fat man? 

  • "It's like having sex with a human marshmallow, a human pillow. I think it's an experience every woman should have."
  • "Less judging about my own body shape/condition/etc."

  • "I love the feeling of a thick, hairy body on top of me."
  • "That constant contact."
  • "I love feeling just completely consumed by a fat partner."
  • "A fat man is more eager about throwing you around in the bedroom. Sex is always more wild."
  • "I have had great sex with fat men and with thin men. The things that made the sex great had nothing to do with his size and everything to do with our personal connection. "
  • "A fat man doesn't judge me for snacking after sex."

  • "I love my husband and I love his body. When we were teenagers he was really thin, and he has put on a lot of weight as an adult, and I have always found him sexy. I found him sexy thin, I find him sexy fat. I just love having sex with a body that is so uniquely adaptable and his."
  • "Fat guys love it when you're on top, and I love being on top, so ... "
  • "My boyfriend is fat and I love how little he makes me feel when we're together."