The REAL (And Unexpected) Reason Women Hire Male Escorts

Can you handle the truth?

Yes, Women Hire Male Escorts For Hot Sex And Passion, But There's More Weheartit

I’m a straight male companion catering to women. This merely means that I engage in a power exchange with women, wherein I enter a woman’s life for a predetermined amount of time to take part in a win-win relationship for both of us.

In many ways, I serve at her pleasure — for attention, romance, affection. Her fulfillment.

And she simply shows her appreciation financially.

Over the last six years, I've spent providing such companionship to women, there have been only three occasions in which a woman contacted me and consequently backed out. In one way or another, each one said she felt she shouldn’t engage me because she didn’t have the right to do so.


This article is my attempt to explain why any woman has every right to engage my services or that of another luxury straight male escort of the highest quality. While one woman may engage a gigolo to merely add more joy to her already amazing life, another may hire a male escort to address a challenge in her life that has become almost unbearable.

She may be hurting from a broken heart, living without the type of man with she wishes she could share her life and the pleasures of it. 



From outward appearances, she may be on top of the world, while in private it’s a totally differently story.

She may cry herself to sleep nightly silently as she suffers from the pain inside. She may even believe that something is wrong with her.

Of course, she doesn’t announce that pain to the world. Her closest confidants may be aware of her situation, but that's it. 

But we all long for the tenderness of another.

The quality of our lives, and sometimes our health (both physical and psychological), suffers without it. If I can brighten a woman’s life I’m happy to do so.

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What Women Really Want 

Most people think that women engage male escorts purely for the steamy, hot sex

But passion often ignites between heterosexual women and men during any moments they spend of opening up to one another about intimate details of one another’s lives. So while personally, I see no problem with sex being exchanged for money between consenting adults of any sexual orientation or gender, something far deeper is usually going on underneath the surface in these situations.

What most women truly seek is a connection with a man’s masculine energy to complement her feminine energy.



Most women have a penchant for feeling a man's masculine power and strength. A gentleman who can take control and lead her into guaranteed pleasant experiences inside and outside of the bedroom in a warm, respectful, self-confident manner.

Any individual woman may require little or a lot from a male companion, and therefore one hallmark of a quality male companion is his readiness, willingness and ability to drop his ego in order to give her whatever she needs at the moment in a totally non-judgmental way that gives her the freedom to be herself.

Some people believe male companions are merely polished guys who are trying to have their cake and eat it too. I can understand why, but though providing companionship to women may look easy to the outsider, it is, in fact, harder than you can imagine. I’ve owned businesses in the past and can honestly say this role is as difficult as any other. Frankly, there are far easier ways to earn a living or romance a woman. 

But it’s a labor of love — literally and figuratively.


The Sensuality A Woman Craves 

Providing companionship to women isn’t only about getting physical. However, if something does happen between them a male companion better be able to deliver. Rightfully so, there is an expectation that a “Professional” has deeper knowledge, skills, experiences, tools, stamina, etc. than the average Joe Blow.

The connection between a woman and man can be a deeply moving adventure that thoroughly satiates.



It can even become a sacred spiritual experience if the connection is strong enough and lasts long enough for her to submerge into ecstasy — an explosion of pleasure so powerful that the Goddess buried deep inside of her is released. This is also known as ecstatic trance, bliss, flow, nirvana, etc.

The sacred sensual sciences can be magical.

Not every woman desires to explore spiritual depths of sacred sensuality. But she should experience what it feels like to be touched by a man in ways she never dreamed. To enjoy an exuberance that moves her to cry out with tears of joy or eternally stop time. Feeling a deep sense of connection with a man who’s confidence in his abilities is so sky-high he can take his time to give her an amazing experience. One who is genuinely able to put her gratification above his own.

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By the way, it’s easier for a woman to submerge into ecstasy due to the energy of femininity.

Many indigenous and ancient cultures have or had sexual and non-sexual rituals to attain this flow. Reaching this heightened state allows the receiver to become clairvoyant, cure illnesses, communicate with higher beings, etc. These cultures had a higher reverence and respect for women, something we need more than ever in this age of rampant misogyny and abuse — physical, verbal and emotional — of women.

Any and every woman has a right to hire a male companion if she so chooses.


Many do not recognize how fulfilling the time with a quality male companion can become due to their own misconceptions. And doing so may not be for every woman, just like anything else. That's perfectly OK.

But if you are open to the possibility, you may find him to be exactly what you need at this moment in your life.



It's been my experience that most women who have engaged a quality male companion ultimately have felt satisfied and empowered by their choice afterward.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for male escorts.

Every woman desirous of memorable experiences with a man would have them.

However, we do not live in such a world, and thus, we must navigate adult issues in the imperfect one in which we reside.

Personally, I believe it is an honor to be in a position where I am able to give joy, pleasure, excitement and more to amazing women. Women deserve that — and MORE.