I Never Expected To See A Woman Squirt During Sex — Until I Did

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What It Means To Guys When They Give Girls Squirting Orgasms

I recently came across an article by Veronica Monet about whether the fluid ejected from a woman’s vagina when she has a squirting orgasm is pee or something else. Apparently, a group of scientists stated that the female ejaculatory fluid is urine, contradicting an earlier study stating that it was not pee. Veronica was sharing her personal experiences with squirting.

Writing my opinion in the comments brought back memories of the first time I experienced a woman squirting while we had sex.

Amina (not her real name) was the first woman I was with who squirted. We dated in college in the early '90’s. She was a very sensual woman and she owned her sensuality. She was up for anything and everything that felt good. Her skin was so soft. We had long sessions of foreplay and it always made for a great experience between us. We had a no-strings-attached, mostly sexual relationship preferring to see one another whenever our class and study schedules permitted.

Our relationship was intense. One minute we would be rolling on the floor, laughing our asses off. The next minute we would be arguing about race, class, gender, breastfeeding — you name it.

She was a Bell Hooks, Angela Davis quoting feminist who wouldn’t even allow me to open a door for her. I was typical guy who didn’t want to hear about any of the crap some men inflict on women. However, the sex was so great that our differences didn’t matter. She did get me to read a couple chapters of one of Bell Hook’s book and I actually learned something from it, but mainly we would just agree to disagree, laugh about it, then resume our roll in the hay.

The first time she had a squirting orgasm with me happened after we'd been "playing" in the bed for quite some time.

We were engaged in some after-play when she said that she needed to pee and excused herself to use the bathroom.

I knew that she was always willing to try something new if it might lead to a heightened sexual experience. Something told me that it was time to change positions. I grabbed an over-stuffed chair from the adjoining dining room table. I then placed a towel on the chair. When she returned from the bathroom I pointed to the chair and sat down.

Lubrication was never a problem for her. Her sensual nature kept her naturally and constantly wet. She climbed onto my lap and slid onto me with a heartfelt loud moan. We locked arms gazing into one another’s eyes. She slowly raised and lowered herself, gliding over me as if savoring every stroke. We were both lost in that moment. It felt as if time had stopped. Slowly she increased the pace. Her moans of joy with me inside of her excited me even more. We rocked back and forth while she slid up and down on me.

Finally, I felt a gush of liquid on my penis.

I looked down between us. The fluid continued to gush. It was if a water hose was turned on between the two of us. There was so much fluid it actually drenched the chair’s foam and I had to toss it in the trash afterward. We were both amazed and bewildered. Neither of us knew what it was.

And we didn’t care, either — because we'd just had some amazing sex.

As I think about that time now that I've learned some of the science behind squirting, the conditions were exactly right for it to have occurred.

  • For one thing, Amina was already turned-on from the roll in the hay just prior to her going to the bathroom to pee.
  • Also, we were in a chair with her straddling me. In that position, my dick was easily able to stimulate her G-spot when she slid up and down on me.
  • And her clitoris was stimulated by the back and forth rocking motion.

I get an erection now just from thinking about it.

According to the older science, when a woman is sexually stimulated, her Skene's glands (also known by other terms) fills with fluid. Then the vaginal contractions cause the fluid in the gland to squirt when she orgasms. The Skene's gland can refill with fluid between squirts. The amount of fluid differs from each woman for a wide a number of reasons. 

One reason is that the size of the Skene's glands differ from woman to woman. Another reason is that the size of the ducts leading from Skene's glands to urethra also differs from woman to woman. Most women can squirt enough to notice. However, some don’t because the size of the ducts leading from the Skene glands to the urethra is so small that no fluid can travel through them. Conversely, a woman’s glands and ducts may be so large that she gushes. This was probably the case with Amina.

Unfortunately, many women are ashamed of squirting.

Often I’ve had to coach a woman by giving her permission to squirt. This is a lovely experience for her since it requires her to have a clitoral and G-spot orgasm at the same time. Additionally, it involves up to three times more foreplay before penetration begins.

Notwithstanding the latest scientific findings, I’ve never thought that the fluid released during female ejaculation was urine. It has never looked, smelled nor felt like urine.

Some women remain concerned that the liquid is pee. To alleviate that concern, I’ll ask her to go to the bathroom to empty her bladder before we start foreplay. That way, when she feels like she has to pee — which is the typical sensation just prior to female ejaculation — she knows it’s not urine.

It usually takes Western science time to catch up to what people already know from personal experience. 

Squirting is not only a normal sexual experience for women, it's SEXY as hell for a man to see it happen. 

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