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7 Things He Does In Bed That Mean He Respects You

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How much a guy truly cares for you goes hand in hand with how much respect he shows for you. If you’re just starting a new relationship and you’re still not certain about your his degree of affection for you, there are some telltale signs that you have to pay attention to, especially in bed. 

Here are 7 signs he has respect during sex.

1. He kisses your head. 

Little signs of affection like this are huge. Giving a little kiss is a sign of big love because he doesn’t have to do it. He took the time out of your intense romp to think about giving you a different kind of affection.

2. His favorite positions are the ones where he can see your face. 

While people love various types of sex positions, like doggy style where you can’t see the other person’s face, he gets off most when he can look into your eyes. Doing it doggy style doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t respect you, but the need to see you and establish that visual connection means a lot more. 

3. He’s patient when you’re hesitant about trying something new. 

He respects you enough to not pressure you into something you might be scared about. Trying something new in the bedroom can be intimidating, and instead of getting frustrated or mad at you for not being ready immediately, he waits.  

4. He takes your feelings into account. 

This concept is as important in the bedroom as it is anywhere else. If you’re feeling sad or distant because of problems you two have been having, making love might not be the easiest thing to do. When you feel unsure or like an emotional wall has been put up, he takes the time to reassure you, both verbally and with affectionate caresses, and makes you comfortable before and during sex

5. He listens to your input. 

Sex isn’t always perfect. More often than not, people need to learn to adapt to each other’s wants and likes. If you tell him what you’d like him to do more of and he actually listens to you and follows through, it means he respects and cares for you enough to put in the extra effort. 

6. He knows the difference between screwing around and making love. 

It’s great to have those sex sessions that are just pure fun and physical. However, your guy also has to be able to tell the difference (and show you the difference) between that and really making love. If your guy only does the first type of sex, you may want to reconsider your pick. 

7. He tells you so. 

A guy who truly shows respect during sex will have no problem telling you he does. If at some point before, during or after your sexy time he tells you what he loves about you or why he thinks you’re so amazing, he’s a keeper. And that doesn’t mean he just tells you how pretty you are, either; it’s when he admires your personality and your character. That’s the difference between a guy who really loves and respects you and a guy who’s just getting his fix.  

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