How Guys REALLY Feel About You Touching Their Balls

Photo: WeHeartIt

When it comes to having sex with a man, we all know that them fellows love it when you get their penis involved.

That's right. If you want to guarantee that it's good for a man, touch his penis!

This is not revelatory. We all know the importance of the penis. It gets in there, it jumps around, stuff squirts out, penis biology! 

But even seasoned sex experts like yours truly get a little baffled when it comes to the balls.

You know, the two eggs, the tiny knockers, his beans, the ol' honkers.

Testicles, if you will.

Testicles serve an important function, storing semen and keeping it at just the right temperature. 

But where does that leave them when it's time to roll on down to pound town?

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I've often wondered just how important ball touching is to men during sex and foreplay, so I asked a group of anonymous fellows.

In an ideal world, how would you like your partner to play to engage with your balls during sex — or not! Why?