The New Disney Princess Lingerie Has Us Feeling Awkward — Here’s Why

It's definitely weird ... and maybe even just wrong.

disney lingerie Yandy 

Are you ready to have your childhood blown up into itty bitty albeit it very sexy pieces?

Here we go.

Yandy has just released a line of very affordable, very cute and sexy lingerie sets, each inspired by ... a Disney princess. 

That's right, Elsa has learned to embrace her powers, and now she's ready to embrace a rock hard cock. 



Or something.

If you love Walt Disney or you love the idea of making Walt Disney spin in his grave, this collection is for you!

All you need to do is shell out a couple of dollars and you'll be dressed as a sexy Ariel cooing, "My daddy took me to see this movie after I did doo-doo in my big girl pants."

Verily, what man would not be smitten?

I have a confession to make.

I have had my fair share of crushes on animated characters in my youth. My mother can attest to the fervent passion I had for Casper the Friendly Ghost, and when Prince Eric washed up on that beach I was with Ariel being all "DAMN he is so fly I would gladly develop legs and vagina just so he could make use of them, voice be damned! TO THE SEA WITCH!"


But I'm an adult now, and that stuff has kind of gone away. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge believer that we should NEVER yuck somebody else's yum when it comes to sex and sexual proclivities, but this whole dress-up-like-the-animated-character-who-gave-childhood-me-a-boner thing seems like it skews into fetish territory.

That's fine, but can we please stop pretending that this is just your average cute, normal, sexy lingerie collection? It's not. You are dressing up as a cartoon to entice your man into boning you and that is a little different.



Also, in recent years, Disney has received criticism about their whole princess ethos and they have responded appropriately.

They have continued to create female characters who aren't just hot pieces of ass (though they all are that too). They are strong, and smart, and fierce, and funny.

It's taken us a long time to have THOSE sort of princess role models, instead of singing idiots surrounded by birds.

It's taken us so long that I feel the time is not yet ripe for people to start donning thongs and pasties and being like "Look, I'm Belle!" 


I get it. We all kinda want to be a pretty, pretty princess, but does a pretty pretty princess also have to be something we sexually objectify? I wish this line subverted the norm or celebrated the idea of powerful women by making a Disney lady Villain lingerie line.

I would be in 100% full support of seducing my boyfriend while dressed as Ursula.