"Meme Makeup" Is Taking Instagram By Storm — And WHOA!

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Girl playing with makeup palette

The internet has seen a lot of trends come and go over time, a lot of them have been utterly ridiculous, but occasionally they have been be quite entertaining.

But hands down the best part of the internet has been ... MEMES!

That brings us to the latest trend, which combines memes with something else we all love ... MAKEUP!

Introducing ... #MemeMakeup!

Buzzfeed calls it "doing the most," but I say it's pretty awesome.

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Yes, MUAs (makeup artists) everywhere have accepted the challenge of making classic memes (#SaltBay and Kermit included) into eyelid artwork and we're in total awe. But, in case you haven't seen it yet, here are some of the best #MakeupMeme examples:  

It all began with Twitter user, Thai Brows (Jenny IRL) and her clever Squidward work and from there it took off. Squidward work and from there it took off. 

But, she wasn't the only one who had Spongebob on the brain. 

And, of course, they couldn't forget one of the best memes to ever hit the internet. That's definitely not any new tea, there. We loved Kermit so much that he was made into another meme...

...forcing us to take a look at our sometimes awful but sometimes terrible conscious. 

Me: don't contribute to the meme makeup trend
Inner Me: do it pic.twitter.com/W3rrUkugak

In a similar way to how #HurtBae helped us to see how big of jerks men could be. 


Him: how many times did you say you were going to do a natural look? Me: Idk I wasn't counting #hurtbae  

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But, one of the most recent meme's to go down in hall of fame was even recreated — a confused Nick Young.

Of course, #SaltBae wasn't forgotten.


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Kim Kardashian keeping it classy as usual with her ugly cry.