2 Things Strong, Independent Women NEVER Tolerate In Their Relationships

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Strong, independent women aren't born. They are made.

A strong woman is someone who has built her success.

She has experienced things in life, because she was willing to take risks and see the consequences through. 

But there's nothing a strong woman loves more than to let her guard down when she's fallen in love.

There's a freedom to releasing control with someone you can trust.

Most women, especially those who have earned their independence through hard work and sacrifice, embrace being vulnerable.

Because a part of being a strong woman is knowing when and where to exchange power — especially in relationships of the heart. 

So, when a woman like this has fallen in love, and she feels like her power is questioned, rather than assume it was on purpose, she might question herself.

In fact, lots of strong women question power — and if she thinks hers is not only being questioned, but sabotaged, by the people she loves, look out!

Her inner strength recognizes hits to her self-esteem. She may give in for a time, as she processes what's going on, but there are just things she won't tolerate.

Because her inner resilience and strength are what made her successful.

There are certain things that no one, not even a strong woman should tolerate in her relationships — no matter how confident she is in her ability to overcome. 

Wondering what dealbreakers are not worth your energy to overcome in your relationship?

We asked some experts. They shared two things no strong, independent female should ever tolerate:

1. A strong, independent woman does not tolerate gaslighting by her partner.

“Most women, whose partner twists reality to suit his needs, question their own memories and perceptions first.

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Some get caught thinking that they must be the one with the problem, because they assume their partner is as kind, and sane, as they are. So, they stay.

But strong, independent women know that making assumptions about someone else  even someone they love will only cause them heartache.

Instead of suffering, they choose to leave gaslighters in a flash.” Dr. Karen Finn is a divorce coach. You can learn more about Karen and her work at drkarenfinn.com.

2. Controlling language is a no-no with a strong, independent woman.

“Strong women empower themselves by being regularly self-reflective, catching up with themselves by focusing on their values, vision, beliefs and purposes.

They tolerate nothing less than honesty, safety, trust, respect, and reliability, leading to the healthy mutuality in a relationship that demonstrates real love.

An independent, confident woman would never allow someone to tell her what she thinks, feels, needs, or wants —  or, what she "should" think or feel.

She immediately recognizes that as a violation of her boundaries ... and says so!” Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, helps the partners, exes, and adult children of relentlessly difficult, disturbing people save their sanity and stop the crazy-making.  Get her free ebook, How To Spot A Hijackal, and visit her full website, ForRelationshipHelp.com