Welcome To Skirt Club: The Sex Party Lets Straight Girls Be Lesbians For A Night

Photo: Victoria Dawe / Skirt Club
lesbian sex party

I don’t know what it is about women, but LOTS of us are feening for a little lady on lady action. Call it curiosity or blame it on the fact that girls are so damn pretty — whatever the reason, a whole lot of us straight girls fantasize about being with another woman.

I’m sure that most of you “kissed a girl and liked it” when you were in high school or college, and plenty of you probably experimented a little further. However, for those of you who never quite got it out of their system, there is a legitimate sex party that lets you be a lesbian for a night.

Victoria Dawe / Skirt Club

Skirt Club is a lesbian sex party for bisexual and bi-curious women who are ready to throw themselves right in the middle of an all-girl orgy.

Founder Genevieve LeJeune had been to sex parties before and was inspired to create a place where women could explore their sexuality without men creeping around the corner.

While the club’s sneak preview advertisement shows sexy, model-like women making out in top-notch lingerie, it turns out that women of all kinds are welcome, not just the super-hot ones willing to wear masks and boas.

Victoria Dawe / Skirt Club

In fact, Skirt Club is open to all women, although the founder claims that most of them who attend identify as being heterosexual. LeJeune herself identifies as heterosexual but says that she has a large interest in sleeping with women and having lesbian sex.

Formally a journalist working in London, LeJeune decided to open Skirt Club in 2013, taking a different approach to her career. While all women are welcome to these parties, not everyone gets in. There is a screening process that consists of proving an age between 21 and 49 as well as uploading a full-length photo and stating their profession.

Victoria Dawe / Skirt Club

When asked about the screening process, LeJeune said that it was to ensure that the party "focused on building a femme membership of career driven women."

The company throws “Mini Skirt” parties which focus on kissing and fondling but not sex. These events include launch parties and smaller celebrations.

However, the full-blown lesbian sex parties are hosted in private homes and cost around $180. The ticket price is higher than the usual sex party which helps to weed out women who don’t have high-income careers.

LeJeune hopes to fill a void in the gray area between straight and gay by giving women a chance to live out their fantasies in a safe environment.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she states, "I'm not looking for a relationship with a woman, I'm looking for something less tangible."

In fact, before starting Skirt Club, LeJeune was looking for a lesbian sex party to attend herself but didn’t want to lead on any women who may have been looking for a relationship. This is what inspired her to openly start her own business.

Hayley Quinn, a dating coach from London, often attends these parties to speak to the attendees.

She told interviewers, "There's always an educational element and some form of performance, cocktails and chocolate tasting... The event isn't just about sex. The theater of it helps women relax their inhibitions.... What I really noticed about Skirt Club at the beginning was that rather than just being hedonistic, it was a great social opportunity to meet liberal, like-minded women. And it's typical to how women express sexuality. It's not just nudity and sex."

Victoria Dawe / Skirt Club

Women who have attended the lesbian sex parties have shared their accounts of the event, too. According to one writer, the party décor was elegant and the hostesses walked around in lingerie while trying to make everyone feel comfortable and start participating and networking.

Wandering around the party, one of the writers who shared her story said that she met women who were bisexual and mostly dated women, as well as straight girls who had never attended a sex party before. She wrote about the burlesque shows and the luxurious atmosphere that permeated the evening.

The luxurious atmosphere of these parties is pretty consistent, as LeJeune explains, "I was disappointed with the lack of luxury [at other parties]. It seemed to me the night had been designed by a man, and one sighting of a plastic mattress would confirm that. I wanted the ambiance to help me get into the mood."

The parties feature talks by sex experts who give demos on hair-pulling and spanking, encouraging guests to try it on their own. Games are also initiated, such as truth or dare-like games that involve cards telling women to buy someone a drink or kiss someone on the neck. There are games of spin the bottle and a whole variety of interactions that involve passionate kissing, awkward eye contact and an air of confusion by some.

Aside from being a place to explore sexuality, LeJeune hopes that her events can empower women in general.

She says, "I've heard women say so much about going to their Monday morning meetings after a party with confidence, where they don't give a flying f*ck anymore, where they're owning their decisions and going forward."

All in all, LeJeune wants women to know that just because they are attracted to other women, kiss them or have sex with them, it doesn’t make them gay. When it really comes down to it, a label just restricts other possibilities and Skirt Club is all about pushing boundaries and reinventing what sexuality really means to you as an individual.