5 Questions About Lesbian Sex You Were Too Scared To Ask (So We Did)

The more you know...

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Let's face it, when it comes to talking about sex, it's easy to get bashful. If you're straight, the odds are you only ever talk about sex with your partner or your close friends. Even then, it's probably only the bare minimum. 

We don't even talk to our doctors about sex all that often, unless we are worried there is a serious problem.

So talking about what goes on inside of OTHER people's bedrooms is really just beyond the pale. We could never! If you're straight and have questions about gay sex or lesbian sex, you either have to prowl the internet for answers (that may or may not be correct), or you take a shot of tequila and ask a lesbian about their sex life and hope it doesn't come across as totally inappropriate (hint: unless she's your BFF or your sister, it's pretty rude).


Because we don't talk about lesbian sex very often, people who don't know about it continue to have some pretty crazy misconceptions. It's not their fault, and it's something we're happy to help with.

Here are 5 questions straight people have about lesbian sex and our answers! 



1. What can lesbians even do sexually? 

Get ready for a bombshell: when lesbians have sex, they close their doors, turn on some moody music, and quietly do watercolor paintings of unicorns. I kid. Here's the real bombshell: lesbian sex includes all of the things that straight sex includes.

"Even penetration?" I hear the doubters ask.

Sure, if a woman in a lesbian relationship wants penetration to happen that's easily enough done. But lesbians also know something that straight people don't — there's much more to sex than penetration. 

2. Who is the "man" during lesbian sex? 

The Rock. The Rock is clearly the man. But I assume you do not mean that colloquially, but rather, with a naive conception about gender roles in sexual relationships.


Here's your bombshell section of the article ( I am dropping mad truths on you all, I know, I trust you can take it): During lesbian sex no one is the man. They are both women, actually.

If you mean who is putting what in where, that can change. One partner might be more interested in being penetrated by the other, but that doesn't make that partner "the woman".

Some women won't give, but will only receive, and others vice versa, but usually both women take an equal role and take their turn when it comes to roles during sex. 



3. How important is fisting during lesbian sex?

You know how straight guys are always talking about anal sex, and always keen to try it out even though when they finally do it's like "oh man, poop!"? 

Fisting is kind of the anal of the lesbian world. At least, if you think about it as a taboo.

The truth couldn't be more different. "Fisting" is actually just the insertion of four fingers into the vagina, slowly and steadily with the thumb working the clitoris. Fist has such a violent connotation.

"Fisting" is actual super hot and connected and loving, if done well. 

4. Is it easier to have sex with a woman?

No, not really. Just because a person has the same sexual organs as you do, that doesn't mean that the same things that get you turned on are going to be the things that get them off.


Some women like rough sex, others relish gentle touching. The truth is, just like with straight sex, it depends on the person.

The only way you find out is through trial and error. Delicious, delicious trial and error. 



5. What is scissoring? 

Scissoring is a lesbian sex position that most people discover via porn. It's a staple. It also goes by "tribbing". Scissoring is when the partners come together, one on top, with their legs splayed (you know, like scissors) in order to align their genitals for the best possible contact to stimulate them using friction.

I made it just sound as clinical AF but it is actually intensely hot.

It's also really different from what you see in porn. It's often a part of lesbian sex, not the entire thing. Some lesbians think the position is pointless, but then, some straight people think 69ing is dumb, so there you go!