Why Men Like To Watch Women Touch Their Own Vaginas

"The more she's into being watched, the better."


Guys are always telling us they love to watch us pleasure ourselves, but what is it about it that is so exciting for them?

"For me, watching a woman masturbate is one of the most erotic and stimulating activities. A woman's body is so beautiful, especially one with curves," said one open-minded gentleman.

But, of course, many of them want to make sure they stay part of the fun.

"I'd rather that she touch me, although in the right mood if she's touching herself at the same time, climaxing at the same time can be amazing," another man shared.


It's important for you to show him what turns you on. But make sure he knows that your list very much includes him.

Here's what men think when women masturbate in front of them, and they aren't holding back about why some of them love watching women touch their own vaginas.

1. We want you to be happy.

"If you're comfortable with it, I like it because I learn what you like. If you're not comfortable with it, then I work to make it so you are comfortable. A lover confident with her body is sexy, and she doesn't have to be perfect."

2. It's incredibly hot.

"I think one of the hottest things a girl can do in the bedroom is touch herself. For me, watching a girl get really into masturbating turns me on even more than when she touches me."


3. She shows me what she likes.

"Remember the line in Chasing Amy about no one gives directions? It's hot and also shows what the partner likes."

4. I don't get turned on by it.

"This one I'm not a fan of as it doesn't do anything for me. They said the best way to masturbate is inside of a vagina."

5. I like to play along.


"I think women enjoy watching men more than men like being watched. I’ve always felt a little silly masturbating in front of my partner but they all ask for it and seem to like it. So long as a hot kiss is involved, I’ll play."

6. It's a little frustrating for me.

"Watching a lady masturbate is a great way to learn what pleases her and how she likes to be touched. It's somewhat arousing but can be frustrating at the same time. If you want to watch ME masturbate, that's just a bunch of stroking and grunting and funny faces. It's probably not interesting."


7. I love an open book.

"It's super-hot — not the masturbating, but being open to it. Particularly fun in this day and age where phone/video sex can be done relatively easily."

8. It's such a turn-on when she's into it.

"I absolutely love to watch a girl masturbate. The more she is into being watched, the better."


9. It's such a rare pleasure.

"This can be fun, but rare for some reason. Usually, the girls I've been with would rather come together with me. I can only remember one or two girls with whom I would mutually masturbate for fun; we liked to watch each other. It was when we were sort of breaking up, but we could at least still do that, right? Odd, I know."

10. I know that she is comfortable with herself.


"I love when a woman slowly caresses her body with rhythmic strokes and light touches. When a woman can masturbate in front of me that means she is totally comfortable in my presence and we can share complete intimacy between one another. It also tells me she is happy with who she is as a person and has no body shame. When someone does it, it opens up freely the lines of communication; she can express feelings and desires without fear of judgment."