If You Drink This Kind Of Red Wine, You're More Attractive (Says Science)

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If You Drink This Kind Of Red Wine, You’ll Be More Attractive

Men, listen up! There is a new, scientifically proven way for you to get more ladies. If you are striking out with the dating apps and just can’t seem to get women to pay attention to you, you might just like what I’m about to say.

It turns out that drinking red wine makes you attractive to women. This is not a joke! Sure, swirling around a glass of red at the wine bar will make you look more sophisticated and cultured, but there are even more benefits.

According to research done in the U.S, it has been proven that Pinot Noir gives off very similar pheromones to that of men. Pheromones are technically hormones that are picked up by the senses to make people more attracted to one another, and the scent of Pinot Noir does just the same.


Due to the rustic smell of wine in general, the drink certainly turns some heads, but Pinot Noir is especially potent. With earthy spice notes, oak, and musk, this kind of wine is quite similar to the male pheromone, androstenone.

Wow, you can get drunk AND attract more women while doing it? Could life get any better? Even Wine X Magazine chimed in to say that the Pinot Noir grapes are quite similar to the androstenone chemical.

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Does this mean that women are going to start flocking to you at every bar? Well, maybe not, but it does give you a better chance of keeping the lady that you do manage to talk to interested.

Men, do what you want with this information. If you’re smart and you’re single, you will start making Pinot Noir your new drink of choice. In fact, if this kind of wine smells good enough to make the ladies love you, why not use it as cologne?