9 Sex Positions Women Only Pretend To Like (But Actually Hate)

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bad sex positions

Yeah, yeah, honesty is the best policy. We know that we're supposed to always tell our partner the truth and never lie about stuff that directly impacts them, as sex obviously does.

But yet, we don't want to hurt their feelings, right? And so, when it comes to things that really bring them pleasure, we may pretend to be far more into it than we actually are. And that's absolutely true for some of their favorite sex positions.

It seems men prefer the sex positions where they can dominate and get the deepest penetration, and those aren't always going to be the most intimate or exciting of positions for us. So while missionary is a classic, some find that to mean tired. And there are other bad sex positions that people don't get at all.

Why do we want to have to worry about how our ass looks? Plus, it's a lot of work, and if we're exhausted, how are we supposed to be having a good time? We have the gym for that. Seriously.

Here are 7 bad sex positions people pretend to like but actually hate.

1. Missionary is way too boring.

"Missionary! Can you say boring? As I became older and learned more about my sexual needs and pleasure 'that old lay on your back get f*cked girl' thing isn't to my liking. I find myself getting dry mouth trying to convince my partner that I truly do enjoy this sex position."

2. Scissoring makes no sense.


"Not a fan of scissoring. Makes no sense to me. Penetrate me or don't bother!"

3. Reverse Cowgirl is incredibly exhausting.

"Men love it because they can check out your ass in a really sexy way, but it's exhausting and that makes it almost impossible to get off. Thrusting backward is like expecting someone to climb out of a pool the same way they dove in."

4. Doggy style lacks the intimacy I crave.


"I hate doggy style. My husband loves it. I legit hate it for its lack of intimacy, but I do it at least two times a month just to be friendly."

5. There are no benefits to oral sex.

"I love that he loves it. But at the end, my face is covered in his jizz, my jaw hurts, and I haven't gotten off. What's to like about it?"

6. Anal sex is a no-go.


"Anal sex is really uncomfortable but it makes the man come a lot faster."

7. Teasing can get annoying, fast.

"I hate when a guy 'barely puts it in' and he thinks it's rubbing my clit and um... it's not. You're just playing cat and mouse with my vagina and I'm not into it. Either go all the way or masturbate yourself."

8. I hate anything that leaves me vulnerable.

"Girl on top and Reverse Cowgirl are painfully exposing. And honestly, I'm lazy AF."

9. Lotus gives me no sensation.

"I hate the lotus sex position. My husband has a dad-bod with a bit of a belly so it makes it hard to actually feel him, but I do it because it makes him think he's being a rockstar lover."