11 Cheap Vibrators That'll TOTALLY Make Your Toes Curl

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Vibrators make the world go 'round! 

Well, that's not exactly true, unless by "make the world go 'round" you mean "give powerful orgasms that threaten to make the penis obsolete."

Just joshing, penis. There will always be room in our hearts and our crotches for you.

Discovering which sex toys work best for you is fun, and shopping around for vibrators, discovering all of the different kinds of orgasms they can provide is maybe even more delicious than mint chocolate chip ice cream. MAYBE.

Sadly, shopping for sex toys like vibrators can also be expensive as hell. Quality vibrators can set you back a couple hundred dollars, AND they don't even come adorned with actual diamonds or anything, either.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way. I know of what I speak because I am a total pervert AND I am almost always broke as a joke. 

You don't have to give up on having the best orgasms of your sex life just because you've only got a little bit of cash to get you through the end of the month. 

I've rounded up 11 awesome options to keep you coming (lol) and keep your bank account in the black, so enjoy! 

Utimi Upgraded Silicone 10 Speed

best cheap vibrators

If you want realism and options for under $20, this is your go-to. Clitoral and vaginal stimulation plus 10 speeds. A great travel vibration, plus it's pink so you know it's for girls. Sigh. 

Amazon, $19.48 

Satisfyer Pro 2

best cheap vibrators

Love love love this one. Okay, so $45 and change isn't "cheap", but it's cheaper than the vibrator it's ripping off, The Womanizer, and it works just as well. Wanna get your vagina to squirt? Look no further. 

Amazon, $45.50

California Exotics Colt Xtreme Turbo Bullet

best cheap vibrators

Every woman needs a basic bullet in her life, it doesn't get more basic than this well-rated one. I mean basic in a good way, not in a "hey I'm a hip Millennial talking down to you" kind of way. 

Amazon, $9.85

Lyps Vaginal And G-Spot Stimulator

best cheap vibrators

For under $20 bucks this vibrator literally fills all of your holes! Explore anal play without spending fortune. 

Amazon, $17.61

YOYEE Rechargeable Waterproof Multifunctional Silicone Vibrator

best cheap vibrators

It might look like a silicone clothes pin, but this is a vibrator AND a prostate massager! That's right, you and him can share this sucker, if that's what you're into! 

Amazon, $23.99

James Love 10-frequency Mini Bullet Vibrator,

best cheap vibrators

If the other bullet on this list was TOO basic, check out this little number. It fits in your purse AND it provides 10 different speeds so you can get your freak on accordingly. 

Amazon $7.99

Utimi USB Charging Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

best cheap vibrators

I love this one, and not just because it looks like the golden snitch from Harry Potter. The rabbit ears provide great labial and clitoral stimulation while the circular base helps tease your vaginal opening. 

Amazon, $20.84

Icicles No 47

best cheap vibrators

Experiment with temperature play with this sucker. Put it in the fridge and then up your butt or your vagina. For under 10 dollars it's hard to find a better thrill. 

Amazon, $8.20

Wand Pals Tri Buzz

best cheap vibrators

If you own a Hitachi Magic Wand buying another vibrator is probably not high on your list. But that's only because you haven't stumbled into the world of attachments yet. Here you go, and you're welcome. 

Amazon, $14.99

Utimi Mini Silicone Egg Vibrator

best cheap vibrators

I love an egg vibe, add that equation a little stimulation and a finished product that looks like a cute little whale and I am SO sold. 

Amazon, $28.75

Utimi Rabbit Vibrator

best cheap vibrators

This sleek, modern take on the rabbit vibrator is a must-have for every woman's sex toy arsenal. It gets the job done and then some! Also by "job" I mean orgasm. In case that wasn't clear. 

Amazon, $39.99