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14 Guys Reveal What Kind Of Woman They Avoid AT ALL COST

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girls to avoid at bars

Ever notice how some girls seem to attract men like flies to honey, even when they’re going out for drinks with friends? Personally speaking, I have. And I’ve also been that person, too.

The fact is that guys who are out on the prowl tend to look for women who have certain traits... and avoid women who do certain things. I decided to ask my guy friends what kind of girls to avoid at bars, and some of their answers might surprise you.

1. She acts sloppy drunk.

“I don’t want to be anywhere near the girl who’s exaggerating her behavior to show how much fun she’s having, nor do I want to be near a girl who’s sloppily drunk.” —Dante

2. She gives off bad vibes.

“Bad vibes, man. I will not go NEAR a girl who has bad vibes.” Andrew

3. She's a rude woman.

“Extreme rudeness and unattractiveness.” Tank

4. She just wants free drinks.

“You know how, at a bar, there’s always a group of girls and one of them is only there to drink until she’s drunk enough that she’ll make out with anybody? The type that only dances with a lot of people even when the song is one you really can’t dance to in hopes that they bump into her spilling her usually empty glass and she can guilt them into buying another drink? Yeah, that’s the girl to avoid at the bar.” Alex

5. She'll flirt with anyone.


“She doesn't discriminate.” DJ

6. She isn't intelligent.

Girls I avoid are really just ones I know to be a problem. Personally, I dislike ignorance. When a person comes up to me speaking stupidly, they lose points.” Anthony

7. She's a bitch to her friends.

“Any girl who is mean to my female friends is automatically off the list. Like, why would I invite that kind of drama into my life?” T.

8.  She's too overweight for me.

“Please don’t hate me, but I am going to avoid the heavy chick.” Paolo

9. She's way too flirty.


“The overly flirty ones. They tend to make me wonder what’s really up.” Carl

10. She never stops talking.

“You know how girls think it’s cute to flirt with the doorman? Yeah, it’s really not. I avoid girls who can’t stop talking to me while I’m working. It’s just acting self-centered and keeps me from focusing.” Bruno

11. She has no standards.

“I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but if I see a girl who’s literally grinding on anyone, flirting with everyone, and just looking way too attainable, it’s a turn-off.” Bobby

12. She's only looking to get drunk.

“From personal experience, approaching the girl who drinks alone on a regular basis is a bad, bad idea. She’s there to get drunk, and that’s never a good sign.” Tristan

13. She nods out from too many drugs.

“I’m a raver, so I am totally cool with drug use and drunk girls... to a point. If she looks like she’s about to overdose, or if she literally has no idea where she is, I will legit run the other way.” Deebo

14. She's openly hostile to men.


"If she’s openly hostile to men, I probably will avoid her.” Kyle

So, it seems like the majority of guys avoid girls who are sloppy drunk, rude, unclassy, or overly flirtatious.

On the other hand, guys also seem to want to talk to girls who are having a good time, so you do have to walk that fine line between fun and skeevy. As long as you keep yourself looking reserved and mellow, you’re probably doing alright in terms of grabbing at least one guy’s attention at the bar

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