A Weed Bouquet Is The Gift We ALL Secretly Want

Photo: weheartit
valentine's day gifts

Flowers are out. Weed bouquets are in.

Valentine’s Day is always a tough holiday. Depending on what stage you’re in, the gift you decide to give can make or break a relationship.  

If you’ve been seeing your significant other for a while, you can’t just hand them a rose and a box of chocolates. Some thought needs to go into the gift

You need to be able to Instagram the crap out of your gift to make others jealous... and now you can!

A company called Lowell has you covered, kind of. If you’re in the Los Angeles area (and if you're not, maybe you should plan a trip), you can now send your sweetie a bouquet of weed.

Yes, that’s right, weed. Not the kind you pick out from your garden after you’ve abandoned it for a while, but the stuff you smoke: marijuana.

According to their site: "We grow our flowers with only organic fertilizer. We never use synthetic pesticides. We pay our farmers a proper living wage. We use natural materials from seed to sale."

So even if you’re picky, at least you know the farmer that grew your batch is living happily.

That’s probably because ONE bouquet costs a whopping $400 for one ounce of Mary Jane. I don’t know what the going rate on the street is, so I couldn’t tell you if this is a good deal. But hey, at least the price tag shows you care, right?

And this is as different as it gets, so get your butt over to LA, stat! This weed bouquet makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift for potheads, so you might want to pick yours up soon; there's only 500 of these bad boys and stock is probably very limited.