3 Simple Things Women Wish Guys Would Do WAY More Of In Bed

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How To Give A Woman The BEST Sex Of Her Life

By Allana Pratt

I find it so funny that my male clients think women don’t want sex as much as men do! Not true! We love sex! We just may need a little more time to warm up, be wooed and savor the foreplay

1. Make more eye contact

My female clients complain that men don’t look at them in the eyes enough. They feel left out if he closes his eyes the whole time, or only look at parts of their body… which makes them feel like a piece of meat not a work of art. Mix it up!

2. Stay with us no matter what

Sex for women is often a place to release stress, past hurts, emotional wounds and we cry, freak out, get naughty, all sorts of unexpected delicious things. Please don’t judge us, nor take it personally. Just stick with us through the emotional waves.

3. Stay open for more to COME

Many women have no idea they are multi-orgasmic because no offense, yet after you come, many of you are done… yet what if we aren’t? Stay connected even if you’re not erect, so that we can explore more of our erotic nature.

Some men think you need uber technical tricks to be a great lover, and sure, those help. But most women crave your impeccable presence more than anything to splay their body mind and spirit wide open to you.

Remember to spread out your desire for sex with your woman throughout the  day… a sexy text, a sensual touch as she’s making lunch for the kids… that way she won’t think ‘you’re only after one thing’ and she’ll be far more receptive to your advances, and perhaps even proactive have her way with YOU!

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This article was originally published at The Good Men Project. Reprinted with permission from the author.