7 Sweet Things Husbands Love About Their Wives — But Often Don't Say Out Loud

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What wives do for their spouses is underappreciated. Many husbands aren't as open with their spouses as they should be, yet deep down, most men appreciate certain aspects of their wives that they may not share with the world — or even their wives.

Sometimes it's hard for men to find the words to tell their wives what they love about them, but I can you this. The fact that you were once (and hopefully still are) attracted to him is one of the most appealing (and beloved) qualities, and I would venture to guess he doesn't say that out loud often enough.

But that gets to the core of what men find so valuable: When a woman makes a guy feel like he's winning, he wants to be near her.

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With that in mind, here are seven things your husbands appreciate about their wives — but may not say out loud.

1. You appreciate him

Having a woman who expresses to her husband how pleased she is with him, how much his hard work has paid off, how much his family cherishes him, and that no one else is like him tells him he is doing well — not just in the role of man, but also in the role of husband — is a gift.

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2. You're still a puzzle

Men still like a good challenge, no matter how difficult the task may seem.

"My wife is an unsolved puzzle," a man told me of his. wife. "I can't always foresee how she will feel or react since it relies on what she is experiencing and experiencing in various aspects of her life and relationships. My wife's emotional needs have prompted me to reflect on how I may be a better husband. This unpredictability, although frustrating at times, motivates me to seek her as a love interest."

Even though you're no longer a total mystery to your spouse like when you first met, you are still a treasure trove full of mysteries he's eager to open!

3. Your spirituality, which is a journey, not a destination

I've seen men's awe at their spouse's spirituality. They question whether they will ever be able to have such an intimate relationship with God.

His interest in you is piqued because of your capacity to connect with him on a deeper level. As far as men are concerned, who wouldn't want to date a lady who is self-controlled and has a positive outlook on life?



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4. Your radiating personality

Your spouse was likely drawn to you at first sight, and it was likely due to your confidence and something deeper than your looks. So don't worry about how you look or how much weight you've gained or lost. Just get over it.

He doesn't spend nearly as much time analyzing or criticizing your physique as you do. When it comes to your physical (and frequently exaggerated) defects, male eyes are relatively forgiving and "blind." He is attracted to your confidence in your voice, walks, physique, mannerisms, and connection with him.

5. When you flirt 

Remember what I mentioned about a man's fear of rejection? He appreciates that you have the courage — and initiative — to flirt with him, even when he's forgotten how.

Husbands, particularly spouses, like the ego boost, although they seldom confess it.

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6. Your outlook on life

Your hubby appreciates your upbeat demeanor.

According to a man I know, Dan, his wife Debbie's "nearly always cheery and optimistic attitude and manner" is one of his favorite things about her. "A smile or a nice remark is never far away when I need them," he told me. "I'm never concerned about how she's feeling."

He also remarked, "My wife is extremely kind and caring towards people. She is a wonderful person. She never speaks ill of anybody and always has a kind response to them." Upbeat people are a delight to be around. 

7. Your interest in his life 

It does not matter what your husband's hobbies are or how often he wants some alone time; he enjoys it when his wife joins him in his pursuits.

When my friend Michelle started working out with her husband, he began to see her as more intriguing — and found himself connected even more deeply with her. 

A part of your appeal to your guy is your ability to project the self-assurance that comes with being a woman, as distinct and diverse as you are. 



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