10 Vids That Prove Randy Rainbow Is The Light We ALL Need Right Now

randy rainbow tweets and quotes

If you haven’t heard of blogger, vlogger, and general internet sensation Randy Rainbow, then you are in for a treat, my friend! You know how there are some people who have more talent in their left nipple than some people have in their entire bodies? Randy Rainbow is THAT guy. 

According to his Twitter bio, he describes himself as such: Politically aware show queen, comedian, actor, Internet Sensation and @BroadwayWorld TV Personality. Yes, it's my real name. 

His musical theater background gives way to fantastic satirical videos that make you literally laugh out loud. He cuts snippets of real news and, with some creative editing, injects himself in hilarious ways.

But anyone can do that, right? WRONG!

Randy’s humor and gift for rewriting Broadway songs to reflect the news just add to the brilliance that is Randy Rainbow videos. It might sound like I’m a total fan girl (and I AM!), but I’m not the only one.

He frequently gets re-tweeted by celebrities, and even media pundit Dan Savage called his “GOP Dropout” parody series “the best thing about the GOP race.”

These Randy Rainbow videos aren’t his only gig, though. Randy can be found all around the NYC scene, from hosting events like The Tony Awards to performing at benefits for LGBTQ communities. Randy is pretty full of awesome sauce if you ask me.

Here are our favorite Randy Rainbow videos:

1. The Kim Davis Cell Block Tango

Remember Kim Davis? The Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses despite the court order from the Supreme Court? She got the Chicago musical treatment!

2. Anthony Weiner is Dating Randy Rainbow

We all remember the Weiner scandal(s), right? Who knew Randy was involved?!

3. Randy Rainbow Interviews Barbra Streisand

Gay ICON Barbra Streisand! Do we even need to talk about it? I mean, it's freakin' BARBRA!

4. American Idol Audition

I totally miss the really bad American Idol auditions. Awkward. SO. DAMN. AWKWARD.

5. Randy Rainbow Exit-Interviews Barack Obama

HYSTERICAL! The timing is so perfect. Just genius!

6. Randy Rainbow Interviews Melania Trump

Randy "sits down" with our First Lady to talk about Trump... and stuff.

7. Randy Rainbow Interviews Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway

KellyAnne Conway may be the first female campaign manager to win a presidency, but you have to admit, she's a funny character.

8. Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump

Randy doesn't hold back when it comes to Trump and his tiny hands.

9. Randy Rainbow Interviews the New First Family

You have got to love when he goes in on Trump... and with red lipstick! GO, RANDY, GO!

10. Randy Rainbow Fact Checks Trump

Thoughts and prayers to those affected by the "Bowling Green massacre."