The Average Cost Of A Wedding In 2017 Is...


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While it comes as no surprise for most people that weddings can be a bit over the top and exorbitant, a lot of us question whether the cost of one of these grandiose events has just reached extreme levels.

From the traditional avenues of a wedding, all you really need is two people who love each other, a marriage certificate, and someone who can legally marry them. That’s it. It’s supposed to be about your love; not how much money you can throw at a party.


Thanks to some new information, we now know the answer to the question all soon-to-be married couples ask: How much does a wedding cost?

Well, the average cost of a wedding in America pushing upward of $35,000!

According to an annual survey called the “Real Wedding Study” by The Knot, a website for all things bridal, the money is being sunk into “personalization” and improving their guests’ overall experience.


Umm, is this a wedding or a concert event? Did people forget what the day is supposed to actually be about?

The Real Wedding Study polled an astounding 13,000 people — real brides and grooms — to determine that the new “average” cost of a wedding is around $35,329... and that doesn’t include their dream getaway vacation honeymoon, either.

And the other ghastly thing to realize is that this is the average, meaning that a good portion of the people involved in this actually paid a great deal more than that number.  

Weddings can get pretty ostentatious. It seems like every year they get more lavish, more over-the-top, and more expensive. From ridiculous overtures like bridesmaids’ reveal parties to incredibly expensive bachelor and bachelorette parties, to expensive wedding mementos (that literally everyone but your parents will throw out when they get home), there’s no denying that weddings can be costly, and given the trends of the price tag increasing every year by a couple thousand dollars, it’s bound to be even more expensive in 2018.


But just why are people going out of their way to throw what could be several brand new cars or the down payment on a house at a one-day party? Why would anyone decide to spend $15,000 on a venue when you could literally pay for a semester of your future child’s college with that money? Who decided that going into crushing debt was the best way to celebrate your love for your spouse?

It’s great that people are trying to make weddings more fun, but do they really need photo booths (78 percent of the polled couples had this), bridal games (18 percent), musical performers (12 percent), or fireworks (8 percent) to celebrate what should be a ceremony to commit to one another?

Infographs: The Knot


Consumerism in this country has gotten way out of hand, and ridiculous wedding “parties” absolutely prove it. Do you think you’re going to remember the fancy ice sculpture you had at your wedding the next time you get into a fight? Do you think you’re going to care what your wedding guests thought of your ceremony when you’re worrying over money because two years later you’re STILL paying it off?

And if you’re one of those couples that played it on the cheap and had a fun backyard wedding, don’t feel bad. You’re definitely going to be getting the last laugh when you’re still happily married and the couples who spent thousands on their weddings all end up divorced.