Top 10 Most Useful Wedding Gifts

Top 10 Most Useful Wedding Gifts

So you've got a wedding to go to. Fun! But what to do about a gift? Think long-term. What are they still going to find useful, 10, 20 years down the road? Some things, like crystal or certain china patterns, never go out of style.  A singing fish is only funny once. Follow these suggestions, and you'll find yourself in wedding gift heaven.

1. A vacuum: expensive and always useful, this is a gift that some couples might not be able to afford, but will need forever. A Swiffer just isn't the same.

2. Organizing materials, like wine racks and under-the-counter storage: most newlyweds are starved for space, so helping them keep organized is always a thoughtful gift.

3. High-end knives: poor quality knives can become dull over time, between using them and putting them in the dishwasher. A really great set of knives is useful for years to come!

4. Bedding: you don't want to go rogue and pic out something you think is pretty, because it might not match their style, but if they selected a set and put it on their registry, go ahead. You want them to be comfy, don't you?

5. Towels: especially nice guest towels that they can trot out when the in-laws come calling.

6. Shelves: along with organizing tools, everyone could always use more space for their chotchkies

7. Toaster/kettle/food processor: they might sound boring, but these are appliances that everyone uses, every day. You feel their absence if you have to cook without them.

8. Laundry supplies: again, not very sexy or exciting, but laundry is (unfortunately) a reality that people deal with daily. Spice it up by including your best tips on getting difficult stains out, and all the tools the new couple needs to get the job done.

9. Luggage: They need something to take on the honeymoon, don't they? And a good set of luggage, well taken care of, will last years, and always come in handy.

10. Cash: always a welcome gift to a young couple just starting out. And this is one of the few occasions when just handing someone a check isn’t super awkward!

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