This Is The Worst Sign For You To Live With, Per Your Zodiac Sign

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I’ve had more than my share of roommates. I’ve lived with friends, strangers, classmates, and boyfriends — sometimes a combination of them all. I can tell you that the ones that seem perfect rarely are, and the ones that set off a million red flags are even worse.

It can be tricky to decide who to live with, and when you're wrong, it can be disastrous. Any kind of research that you do beforehand, whether it be credit checks or astrology, do it because there’s nothing worse than hating your living situation so badly that you don’t feel comfortable or safe in your own home.


Obviously, you’re not going to know all about their weirdnesses and annoying habits before you live together — that’s always going to be the unpleasant surprise. But you do want to know that they have enough good things about them to balance out the bad, in other words, that your zodiac compatibility isn't nonexistent.

If you’re an animal person, you want to know if they’re not and if they’re going to pass out every time your cat vomits in the hall. You might get a roommate who eats a lot of crap food and you try to eat clean. You think to yourself, “Good, he won’t want to eat all my food,” but then you find all his junk food disgusting or possibly tempting.

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You want to live together with someone who will respect your quirks and who you can get along with, especially if your roommate is also your significant other. If you want to know how compatible you are with someone, move in with them and you’ll learn more than you ever dreamed you could.


It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, they’re still going to do things that annoy the crap out of you. So what you really want to know is if you’re going to be able to tolerate the annoying things they do.

Your zodiac sign can give you some guidance on who you should avoid moving in with.

ARIES and Cancer aren't a good mix.

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Aries have been known to blurt something hurtful without thinking. They can be blunt which is dangerous for Cancers who tend to be very emotional. Cancers will take the things that Aries said very personally which can lead to some arguments/silent treatments.

Aries will usually get over whatever upsets them, but it can take a while for Cancer to regroup and cool down. Cancer also doesn't get how Aries can be so unpredictable and, at times, irresponsible. Their way of life is very different, too — Aries is always out doing things and Cancer likes enjoying the comforts of home. Aries leave their stuff everywhere but Cancer likes things to be tidy. They're not the Odd Couple but they're not super-compatible either.


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TAURUS and Sagittarius don't compromise.

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Taurus like to have their home be beautiful yet comfortable as it's their sanctuary, but a Sagittarius is much less concerned about their home. They want a home base, a place to come home to from foreign lands, not something that ties them down. Neither Taurus nor Sagittarius are especially good at finding a middle ground and compromise isn't either of their strong suits.

Any kind of commitment is extremely important to a Taurus and it's not something they do lightly, Sagittarius prefers not to have to make a commitment at all, so good luck with having the lease or tenant agreements signed. Taurus will be all for making it legal and binding, and Sagittarius will be reluctant to have any kind of document at all.


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GEMINI and Pisces don't want the same things.

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Gemini is all about good communication so it would be an endless frustration for a Gemini to live with a Pisces. They don't seem to speak the same language and they can never get on the same page. Gemini isn't overly cautious when it comes to other people's feelings and Pisces can be super-sensitive.

Gemini likes to keep things light and is very social, whereas Pisces tends to retreat into the world of their imagination. If they're in a romantic relationship Pisces will want things to get serious, fast, which will put Pisces off. When Pisces starts to get clingy, Gemini will feel smothered and overwhelmed and pull back which will make Pisces extra needy. 


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CANCER and Aquarius don't create a relaxing atmosphere.

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Cancers are in touch with their feelings and it's second nature for them to express exactly what it is that they're feeling. Aquarius isn't comfortable with any kind of emotional display and will pretty much shut down if they're exposed to one. 

But just because they live together doesn't mean they have to be involved with each other. The problem is their tastes are opposite. Cancer likes a more traditionally decorated home and Aquarius likes things that are unique, different, and just plain weird. Cancer needs a space that's going to offer them peace; Aquarius wants their home environment to be stimulating.


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LEO and Capricorn have constant power plays.

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You'd think that Leo and Capricorn would be a good match, but they're not. They're both too stubborn and convinced that their way is the only way; the two of them are in a constant stalemate. Leos dazzle with a natural star quality while Capricorn is much more down to earth and practical.

Capricorn is used to working hard for what they want and are great at keeping a clean and organized home, while Leo just isn't that concerned about the small, boring tasks that need to be done. Leo, the eternal optimist, will find Capricorn too pessimistic and negative, and the two will get into heated discussions regarding things like chores, money obligations, and rent.


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VIRGO and Sagittarius don't look at the world in the same way.

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Virgo likes things to be clean, tidy, and organized. Sagittarius? Not so much. Picture a Virgo having a huge collection of books... Sagittarius would borrow one (without asking first), not put it back where they found it, and would return it after dog-earing the pages, making Virgo lose it.

Sagittarius are just more carefree and spontaneous, and Virgo would find that immature and somewhat disrespectful. Virgo likes clear boundaries which Sagittarius just won't recognize as they hate any kind of limitations. These two would be like siblings who fight all the time.


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LIBRA and Pisces are too similar.

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Neither of these two signs enjoys conflict or confrontations, so if something came up, they would both just retreat rather than deal with it head-on. They both like harmony but they tend to arrive at it from different directions.

When there are issues, Libra wants to rationalize it and talk it out, but Pisces will tend to get overwhelmed by their emotions and will end up completely withdrawing from people and stressful situations. Libra, while charming and kind, will tire of Pisces' constant need for emotional support. Libras need attention, too.


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SCORPIO and Gemini are best as friends with benefits.

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Sexually, these two are a fantastic combination, but anything else is no bueno. They have a ton of chemistry but the basic core of their personalities is very different. Scorpio is intense, passionate, and holds the truth in high esteem; Gemini is looser where the truth is concerned.

The first white lie from Gemini and Scorpio would be done with them. Scorpios love their privacy and alone time, whereas Geminis need people and socializing. Scorpios tend to view Geminis as being two-faced and kind of superficial, but that's not the case. Geminis just aren't as intense and focused as Scorpios. 


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SAGITTARIUS and Gemini don't blend well.

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Here are two of the most delightful and humorous of signs, and yet, they aren't great together. Sagittarius tends to be a bit blunt and extremely direct, whereas Gemini chooses their words carefully. Geminis like to share ideas while Sagittarius is more into the debate and likes to rant their opinion rather than discuss it.

Sagittarius doesn't mean to be overbearing but they tend to make Gemini feel as if they're always under attack. If they move in together, there would be constant misunderstandings and questions if they had made the right decision.


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CAPRICORN and Aries have different goals.

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Capricorns tend to make decisions carefully and they only act on something after considering it from all different angles. This wouldn't go over well with spontaneous and adventurous Aries. Capricorn wouldn't have much appreciation for Aries' risk-taking and foolhardy decisions.

Capricorns are just too stable and careful for Aries' liking. Capricorns like to save money and prepare for the future, and Aries is all about living for today and having experiences. Picture Capricorn painstakingly assembling furniture and Aries leaving them to do it on their own while they go rock climbing. 


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AQUARIUS and Taurus don't see eye to eye.

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Aquarius celebrates freedom and individuality and finds Taurus too rigid in their thinking. They can both be stubborn so there would be several issues, such as splitting the household duties, where they wouldn't be able to come to an agreement. Taurus craves stability and Aquarius is constantly seeking new things, and instead of appreciating each other's differences, they'd probably just find them annoying.

Aquarius would want to put their energy in redecorating and Taurus, having spent all their energy beforehand choosing the perfect things for their shared space, would see no point in changing anything.


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PISCES and Aries are opposites who don't attract.

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Pisces like to dream, create, and imagine and Aries is all about taking action. These two just can't understand the other one. Aries would say one overly honest thing to Pisces and not only would Pisces NOT talk to them, they'd stew on it long after Aries had gotten over it.

Pisces wouldn't understand Aries' overcompetitive spirit, and after Pisces refused to play tennis with Aries or go paragliding one too many times, they would come to an understanding that they didn't enjoy the same things at all. Aries is welcome to their exciting adventures, but Pisces would rather retreat into a fantasy adventure.


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