14 Valentine's Day Gifts Every Single Girl Should Buy For HERSELF

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valentines day gift ideas single

Most days, being single is one of the best things ever.

You can stay home and look like a bird's nest in your favorite pair or sweats, watch whatever you want (without anyone complaining or interrupting with questions) and, most importantly, you don't have to share your food with anyone.


Valentine's season might just be the one time it's hard to be single.

Even for the strongest women, it can be hard to see all those romantic couples and all those beautiful gifts that you know you won't get.

But I ask you this: WHY NOT?

Seriously. Where does it say that you cannot buy yourself a gift for Valentine's Day?

Whatever your beliefs on how the day actually came about, I'm pretty sure none of them say a pretty single gal is forbidden from buying herself presents.



And let's be real, you totally deserve them.

So embrace the awesome-ness of you being single and go buy yourself one these Valentine's Day gift ideas that you have totally earned.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers.
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flowers single valentines day gift

Flowers make everything seem prettier and happier. And where is it written you can't buy flowers for yourself? Nowhere. So go out and get a bouquet to brighten up your home.

A cozy cuddling blanket is the PERFECT single girl's Valentine's Day gift.
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mermaid blanket valentines da ygift

Nowhere in the definition of cuddling does it say you need someone to cuddle with. So go and buy yourself that mermaid blanket you've been eyeing or that giant knit throw...you know you want to.

Or get a really nice smelling candle....or two.
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I mean, who needs a guy to be able to appreciate the flickering glow of a candle or the lovely smell it give the room?

Or if candles aren't your thing, go for some aromatic bath bombs.
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bath bombs valentines day gift
Or if baths aren't your thing, splurge on some nice body care products.
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body care valentines gift

It'll make finding someone so much more fun if you're skin is soft and smells like heaven. Am I right?

Or, for those of you who just don't have the patience to pamper yourself, treat yourself to a day of pampering.
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spa gift certificate valentines gift

After all the hard work that you do, you deserve a day at the spa, a mani-pedi, a massage...sounds pretty good right now, doesn't it?

Valentine's Day sales mean getting some sexy lingerie is totally within budget.
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sexy lingerie valentines day gift

It's not like you never wear bras and with all the sales going on, it'd be a crime not to buy it now. This is just a great excuse to get that more expensive one you've always wanted.

Or go get some new sleepwear.
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sexy pajamas valentines gift

Sexy, comfy — whatever you want. Your bed only wants you to wear what you're comfortable in. It's a good boyfriend like that.

Buy yourself a flirty new perfume.
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perfume valentines day gift

I mean, doesn't it make sense for you to get a perfume you actually like instead of getting one you have to pretend to like?

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for any single girl is one of those oversized stuffed animals.
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oversized stuffed animal valentine day gift

Who needs a boyfriend when you have an adorable, soft and cuddly full size teddy?

Buy yourself some fancy jewelry that you totally deserve.
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jewelry valentines day gift

No guy? No problem. Buy yourself that piece of jewelry that you keep saving in your Amazon cart.

Finally get yourself some new make-up.
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make up valentines day gift

You've scraped every last ounce of your make-up out of the container. Now is the perfect excuse to let yourself buy it!

Wine glasses to drink that Valentine's Day wine.
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wine glasses single valentines gift

I mean, if you're going to drink wine that night, it really should be out of some pretty (and brand-new!) glasses, right? 

And, really, if you're going to have some wine, you just have to buy yourself some chocolate.
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chocolate single valentines day gift

Because nothing goes together better than chocolate and wine. It's a match made in heaven that you really should honor.