The 5 Different Types Of Soulmates Everyone Meets In Their Lives


A lot of people think soulmate is a term used to describe that one person that's a perfect match for them, but the truth is that soulmates actually come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And while not all of them are romantic, all of them have a significant influence in our lives in one way or another.

Some soulmates are only with you for a brief second and others are with you for a lifetime, but you'll undoubtedly remember all of them, as they all come into your life for a specific reason.

Here are five types of soulmates you will meet and learn to love in your lifetime:

1. Friendship Soulmate


This person is often your best friend in life. It's someone you met and instantly knew that the two of you would become lifelong friends because it already feels like you've been friends your entire life.

This is the person you can talk to for hours and who always has your back because they often understand you better than you do. This soulmate is here for the long haul, so be sure to nurture the relationship and never take it for granted.

2. The Wrecking Ball Soulmate

This type of soulmate comes into your life with one purpose: to rock the boat. They come into your life when you're in need of a change of perspective, challenging us to really think about our life and our plans.

You'll know when this soulmate has entered your life because they come in like a hurricane of love and passion. One that you willingly get swept up in because you've never felt such a rush.

But just as the storm passes, leaving behind nothing but debris, so does this soulmate. The only difference is that you grow into a different person using the remnants of the relationship as a foundation.

3. The Lover / Affair Soulmate


These soulmates make their way into our lives to teach us something that will be valuable later on in life. They could be a first love, a hidden affair while with someone else, or just a passionate, friends-with-benefits type of situation.

These relationships slowly grow and build into something significant over time. And because you both taught each other so much, your bond will not dissipate anytime soon. These soulmates often stay friends for quite some time.

4. Stranger Soulmate

The stranger soulmate is someone you typically meet randomly on a flight, bus ride, at a party or just walking down the street. You'll immediately feel as though you recognize this person, even if you can't remember from where. If you're the type to believe in past lives, this person could be someone you've met in your past.

While your interaction with each other is brief, you both have words of wisdom that the other person needs to hear. Whether it's validation or a nudge in the right direction, it's always intimate.

5. Divine Love Soulmate


This soulmate is the one that most people are referring to when they use the term soulmate. It's the one that every person strives to find in life, because if we're lucky enough to find them, it usually means we're destined to spend life together.

These soulmates are the culmination of every other soulmate listed above. Instantly recognizing one another, feeling like you've known them forever, the compassionate friendship, and of course, the deeply passionate, miraculous kind of love you've never experienced before.

This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.