10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts You Can Get Him On Amazon Prime NOW

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Valentine's Day

Did you forget to get your man a Valentine’s Day gift?

If so, don’t worry. It happens.

Valentine’s Day is such a weird holiday anyway. It creeps up on you at the beginning of the year and then suddenly — BOOM! You’re supposed to be at your most romantic and thoughtful, but you just used up all your best ideas a month and a half ago at Christmas.

Chances are, MANY of you won’t even start Googling “OMG what do I get my boyfriend/husband/friend with benefits for Valentine’s Day?!” until a few days before the event itself, but I’m here to tell you that everything is okay.

Thanks to the miracle that is Amazon Prime, as long as you remember about Valentine’s Day by February 12th, you can still get your man almost ANYTHING and it will be delivered on time, making him think that you must’ve gone shopping a long time ago.


(And, if you live in one of the 29 cities where Amazon Prime is offering same-day delivery, you don’t even have to remember to get him something until the 14th! Thank you, Jeff Bezos!)

If you need some uber last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special man and you need them delivered ASAP, here are 10 awesome gifts — ranging from the cheap to pricey — that Amazon Prime can definitely deliver by February 14th.

Give him a library.

Do you want to give him a big ticket item thrill, but you can’t afford to spend a thousand bucks on technology? You can go smaller and more personal and get a similar effect. Try buying him a basic Kindle Fire tablet. They work as a multi-purpose tablet and as an e-reader.

Once you get the Fire, you can load it up with Kindle e-books you think he might like, so you’re not just giving him yet another tablet — you’re giving him a personalized digital library (which is super-easy to assemble).

Give him personalized beer.


This is kind of a genius idea — there’s a company, Beer Greetings, that makes custom holiday-themed cardboard six-pack holders, complete with attached Valentine’s cards. (Check Amazon for rates and reviews.) So you can order their V-Day packaging and run to your local store to fill it with some of their favorite beer.

This is a fun way to give your man what he wants, but have it feel 100% more special than simply picking up his favorite microbrew on the way home from work.

Give him man-lingerie.

There’s not a true male equivalent to sexy, skimpy lingerie — your dude does not want a bright red banana hammock for Valentine’s Day — so why not give him a fun alternative? These awesome heart-covered silk boxer shorts (click for rates and reviews) are cute, they look exactly like the kind of boxers men wear when they get pantsed in a movie, and they’re comfortable AF.

Plus he might actually wear these every day or, at the very least, for a romantic, comfortable bedroom interlude.

Give him the gift of killing virtual soldiers halfway around the world.

Do you want to go big this Valentine’s Day? Relatively big, that is. You don’t want to buy him a car (where do you even get those big bows?!), but you definitely want to make him say, “OMG, I have the best girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband EVER!” 

The easiest solution (for most men) is to give him a new video game system. Amazon has some very decent deals on Xbox One bundles — they have a 500 GB Xbox that comes with Battlefield 1. (They also have bundles with Minecraft, Gears of War 4, etc.) Giving him a game system tells your man, “I want you to enjoy yourself and I don’t mind if you stay up to 4 am playing Deathmatch with your buddy two states over.” (Which is sexy as hell.)

Give him photo memories that will last a lifetime.

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OK, is your man not very impressed by physical things? He already has a watch and a phone and you know he’d appreciate something a little more heartfelt? There’s a simple way to show him you care without having to pretend that you’re some super-crafty Pinterest person who can build him a memory chest out of driftwood.

You give him the gift of photos. Amazon Prime offers free unlimited photo storage. Go grab all of those phone dumps of photos you’ve thrown on laptops and memory sticks over the years and collect them in one place. Give him a curated collection of some of your favorite memories together AND they offer expedited shipping for photo prints and custom photo books you can design. He’ll love it and you never have to leave the couch to do it.

Give him more opportunities to get his grill on.

Men love grilling. Don’t know why it’s such a more manly way to cook than baking or sautéing, but, regardless, most men who love to cook love to play around with the grill. However, grills can be expensive, take up a lot of room, and, depending on where you live, it can be WAY too cold to grill out in February.

Solve that problem by giving your dude a simple indoor grill they can use anytime. This Hamilton Beach 3-1 Electric Grill/Griddle (check for rates and reviews) will let your man grill up some T-bones whenever they want — you can get some nice steaks to go with it — AND even gives them a griddle, so they can make you pancakes on the morning of February 15th. It’s win-win!

Give him deliciously clogged arteries.

Three words, people — spreadable bacon jam.

He will LOVE IT.

Give him super-manly coffee.

Is your guy a total Ron Swanson? The kind of guy that can build his own canoe out of a hatchet and a birch tree? You can still find something perfect for him in the realm of instant-delivery online shopping.

If you want something simple that he’ll love, why not give him this classic enamel indoor/outdoor coffee pot? (check for rates and reviews.) It looks like the kind of thing Teddy Roosevelt would’ve used to brew up a hot cup of Joe over a campfire in one of our National Parks. You can get him some coffee to go with and tell him that you want him to make you breakfast under the stars one day.

Give him the opportunity to smell amazing.

This is the gift that keeps on giving (to you!). Does your man love pampering himself? Or would you like him to pay more attention to pampering himself… and his overall hygiene?

Give him the Man Can (check for rates and reviews), a collection of soaps, shave gels, lotions, and more — in nice manly scents — that come ingeniously packaged in a paint can. He’ll feel totally rugged while he makes himself smell all soft and pretty.

Give him socks… no, really.

Did you know that research shows that people who wear crazy, colorful socks are more independent, creative, and successful? (It’s true.)

With that in mind, the company Sock It To Me has a huge selection of insanely cute socks that your man will love — astronaut socks, Sherlock Holmes socks, unicorn vs. narwhal socks… you name it. (Check for rates and reviews, Amazon.) He’ll love them.

Then tell him you want him to only be wearing those socks when you get home tonight.

(He’ll REALLY love them.)

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