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If You Constantly Say These 7 Things, You're Probably A Demisexual

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Demisexual Quotes

For many people, it can be hard to understand what their sexuality might be. Luckily, the language of sexuality has expanded to fit a range of preferences, making it easier to know ourselves and for others to know us, too.

Not only can demisexuality be hard to explain to others, but it can also be harder to explain to yourself. Am I asexual? Am I straight or gay?


If having a means to label your sexuality is important to you, then it is necessary to be able to put yourself somewhere on a spectrum.

The spectrum of asexuality makes it easier for those who feel like they might be between sexual preferences to find a happy middle. Instead of having to choose between one or the other, you can now freely scale the spectrum.

Because demisexuals are commonly put on the spectrum of asexuality, they are often assumed to have no sexual (and sometimes romantic) attraction to anyone, which isn’t always the case.

In fact, demisexuals can range from having very high libido to being repulsed by sex altogether.

What seems to be the common factor – but isn’t true for every demisexual — is the want to form a strong emotional bond before thinking about sex or romance.

It is essentially more important to them to have a best friend before forming any other feelings. In some respects, we can all relate to this; nothing is better than falling in love with your best friend, right?

But at other times, meaningless sex can sound more attractive than being in a serious relationship.


If you think you might be leaning towards being demisexual, but you’re still not totally sure, the following quotes might be helpful to you. See if you relate to them, and if you can, you just might be a demisexual after all.

And if you're thinking of diving even more into finding out whether or not you're a demisexual, explore the Demisexual Resource Center for more information.

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DemiSexual Quotes

“I’d rather cuddle than have sex.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“I’m comfortable with sex after forming an emotional bond.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“I might feel sexual attraction to someone if I meet the right person.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“I want to be your friend before I can think about sex or romance.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“It takes time for me to be sexually attracted to someone.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“I have very deep bonds with my friends.”

DemiSexual Quotes

“I’m not being picky, I just don’t feel that way about you.”