Wait For The Man Who Would Do Anything To Be Your Everything

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finding the right guy

Dating and finding love has turned into such an abstract concept when it really doesn’t need to be so complicated. We’ve blurred the lines on the pathway to love with hookup culture, ghosting, cliché games, acting unattainable and pretending we don’t care when we actually do. The entire thing is complete nonsense.

When women in this modern dating culture try finding the right guy, we’re bombarded with rules and guidelines that try and help us to decipher whether a guy is truly into us or not, and it all just becomes so damn confusing.

There’s nothing complicated about it. If a guy is always “too busy,” isn’t texting you and isn’t making effort to be with you, stop overanalyzing it and trying to justify his actions or lack thereof. You deserve better and better is still out there.

Here's why finding the right guy who'd do anything to be your everything is important: 

1. If a man wants you, nothing will stop him from showing it.


There’s nothing complicated about figuring out a man’s interest in you. When a guy is truly into you, he will show you with actions consistently.

He’ll call when he says he will. He’ll keep asking you out. He won’t slack on making you feel special when he knows he has your interest back. He’s a grown man that goes after what he wants and fights to keep it.

2. Stop trying to excuse the obvious.

Women tend to make excuses for guys who are just not that into them, so don’t fall victim to this habit. He’s not “too busy,” he’s not “not ready for anything serious,” he just doesn’t want you in the way that you want him.

Do yourself a favor and get him out of your life to make room for someone better and more worthy of your attention.

3. You deserve to feel amazing and wanted.


You accept the love you think you deserve, so why are you settling for someone who doesn’t appreciate how fantastic you are? You want to wake up next to a man who wants to be next to you and spend every day with you until the very end.

You’re a total catch, so stop settling for breadcrumbs when you deserve the entire bakery.

4. Yes, men like this do still exist.

Whether or not your expectations have become crippled because of the B.S. male behaviors modern dating culture has bred, there ARE still good men out there who believe in treating a woman right and making her feel special with no ulterior motives.

Believe in this man and stop accepting less from the guys who are just trying to take advantage of you. Keep your hope alive — it’ll be worth it.

5. Don’t waste any more of your time with assh*les and players.


Sure, it might seem like a great idea to date the hot player type guy because it feels exhilarating and because it’s just nice to have someone pay attention to you in some way, even if it’s not in the right ways, but stop yourself.

If you want to land the unicorn man, you need to make room for him and it starts by weeding the f*ckboys out of your life.

6. You’re perfectly fine on your own until the right guy comes along.

Even if love seems like the ultimate end game, there are plenty of other things you’re doing with your life that don’t revolve around a guy, so take the time to enjoy the here and you right now.

You’re a strong and independent woman who’s perfectly capable of being on her own, so bask in your single glory days for as long as you can and only leave your status and lifestyle for a guy who’s truly worthy of you and steps up to show it.

7. Waiting for the right guy is worth dropping the wrong guys for.


Once you realize that wasting your time on those assh*le guy is not only draining but a complete waste of your time, it becomes a lot easier to chill out and stay hopeful and patient for the man who will blow you away with his love.

It’s true that we attract what we allow into our lives so if you keep making room for all the wrong guys who aren’t giving you the love that you want, that’s as good as it’s going to ever get. Stop entertaining the guys who only want halfway in your life and clear the way for the guy who will be all the way in.

8. The right man will come into your life and stay, no matter what.

Even if all hope seems to be lost, you have it in you to wait for the love you know you deserve. When the right guy makes his way into your life, there’s no need to play games or hide your flaws because he’s going to love you and stay no matter what happens.

He’ll accept your dark corners, your quirks, and the excitement and love you bring into his life because he’s not just the right guy for you; he’s also the guy who will do anything to be your everything. Wait for that.