5 Foreplay Games With Food That EVERYONE Will Love

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foreplay games with food

When it comes to bringing food into the bedroom for sexy times, there are just two types of people.

First, there are the people who are all, "BREAK OUT THE WHIPPED CREAM, IT'S TIME TO SUCK A NIPPLE". 

You know, enthusiastic about it.

Second, there are the people who would not even bring a cookie into bed to eat by themselves.

You either love sex with food, or you hate it. 

But just because sex involving food isn't your taste, that doesn't mean you can incorporate food into foreplay. 

There are plenty of foreplay games with food at their center that have all the sex appeal of food in the bedroom without actually bringing food into the bedroom.

These 5 foreplay games using food are sure to please the food sex fiends and the sex purists alike! 

1. Start with smells 


Before you even break out the appetizers, focus on the smells in your kitchen and your bedroom.

Aromatherapy isn't all stuff and nonsense, smells can absolutely affect your mood. 

Almonds are an ancient symbol of fertility. The smell of toasted almonds will put the thought of sex into both of your minds while pleasing your olfactory sense. 

Basil is a natural palate cleanser that helps you focus on other scents and flavor. 

The warm smell of basil in your home will help you both focus on the deeply erotic pleasures to come. 

2. Blindfolded taste test 

Using food during foreplay is all about heightening the different senses.

One of the best ways to do that?

Remove one of them! 

Blindfold your partner and place him or her in front of an array of delicious finger foods. 

Guide them from one bowl to the next and see if they can guess what they are tasting.

Your love becomes reliant on your assistance and without the ability to see, their sense of taste is super heightened. 

Pretty damn sexy. 

3. Hand feeding 


Making yourself your partner's slave and hand feeding them items like grapes and dates is one way to start your food foreplay before you even make it to the bedroom. 

He gets to feast on fruits AND lick your fingers, and you get to spoil him rotten. 

It won't be long before you two are racing to the bedroom. 

4. Clean up time 

For the most part, people like to avoid messy foods when it comes to sex and to foreplay.

I say hell no! 

Breaking open a juicy mango and then putting your man on clean up duty is as hot as it gets.

You get the sticky juice from the mango off your person and a little oral stimulation. 

Yes, please! 

5. Cherry stem knots



This is an oldie but a goodie and definitely a way to tease your dude with your sexual prowess. 

Tie a cherry stem into a knot using just your tongue and your teeth.

Showing off your mouth skills have him wondering what else you can do with that mouth.