6 Adorable Romantic Gestures That Make The Best Cheap Dates

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6 Romantic Gestures That The Best Make Cheap Dates

Romance is always an important factor in relationships. I mean, without expressions of romantic love, aren't you basically just friends?

Finding cute date ideas and romantic things to do for your girlfriend or wife from time to time for no special reason — whether it's buying her the proverbial (and expensive!) dozen long-stemmed red roses or bringing home that hand-picked (read: cheap!) flower you just had to pull over and fetch for her — romance is a vital way to keep those butterflies she feels in her stomach for you alive.

It may seem silly, but you'd be surprised how far the smallest romantic gestures can go when it comes to your love life.

Of course your significant other knows how that you love them. You tell them all the time, right? That's awesome! But it's those out-of-the-blue kisses, thoughtful actions and inexpensive presents that take things that one step further by allowing your partner not only to hear but also to feel the love you have for them.

Now, I know you may be thinking you don't have the kind of time ot money it takes to constantly shower her with gifts... but, you're wrong.

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It doesn't take some big fancy-shmancy jewelry to make your partner feel loved (though, sure, diamonds never hurt *wink wink*). A cheap date that's as simple as a picnic in the park or a sunset walk on the beach can make anyone feel special.

A common misconception among many people trying to satisfy their loved one is that it takes the world to make them feel like you truly care. But, in reality,, you are their world. It doesn't have to cost you hundreds of dollars. Just give them your time and you'll be amazed by what happens.

Here are six romantic gestures and cheap date ideas that will have your partner feeling the love.

1. Cook a romantic dinner.

I know, shelling out the cash to buy groceries for a full blown meal can add up quickly, but dinner doesn't have to be steak and lobsters.

In fact, you can even cook with food you have around the house — make something work and spend no money at all. This guide has ideas for meals you can make, even when you have almost nothing in the house.

Cook her favorite meal, set out a couple of candles, play some nice music in the background, and make sure she doesn't have to lift a finger!

If you're short on ideas for what to cook for a romantic dinner, the video below is seriously helpful. She will appreciate the effort for sure.

2. Create a playlist with meaningful songs.

This one may seem cheesy and overdone, but it's cute, I swear.

Also ... it's free!

Don't limit yourself to uploading the most obvious and cliche love songs, of course. Pick songs that have meant something to the two of you throughout your relationship or that make you think of hear whenever they come on. Maybe there was a particular song that was playing on your first date or one that was playing in the background when you first met.

This will show her how much you really do care!

3. Leave love notes in unexpected places.

It might take some time to compile a handful of love notes, but they don't have to be long or drawn out.

They can just be cute little messages, something you like about her or that tells her the exact moment when you first knew you'd fallen in love. Then leave these little notes lying around the house for her to find.

Or, if you want to get romantic, leave the notes as a little trail leading to a romantic bubble bath for the two of you or a sunset picnic in the backyard.

Honestly, she will be talking about this romantic gesture for the rest of her life. It's that good.

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4. Spend time together gazing at the stars.

This is one you can make all your own — the possibilities are endless.

Grab a bottle of wine and a cozy blanket and go lay outside under the moonlight watching for shooting stars. You can even go for a moonlit walk on the beach under the stars, or have a full blown meal, if you feel so inclined.

No matter what you pair with it, stargazing is always a great way to spark a little romance.

5. Surprise your sweetheart with a kiss.

You may not be one for PDA, but this can still be a good one.

Whether you're in a park, at the beach, in the middle of a restaurant or just standing in the kitchen, catching the one you love completely off guard and giving her the kiss of a lifetime is an incredibly romantic gesture. Nothing makes you feel loved like your partner grabbing you, spur of the moment, and taking your breath away, all because they just can't hold themselves back!

6. Plan a night together with no electronic devices allowed.

This is a big one. We live in a world that excuses the fact that we're constantly in two places at once — where we are physically and where we are virtually.

Turn your phone, computer, tablet, and whatever else you have that drives your attention away from the one you love for the entire night.

You may not realize how much of your time and attention these things take from you, but I guarantee your partner will notice when you consciously put them down for specific intention of focusing on the person you love.

I bet you'll be surprised by all the interesting (and romantic!) things you can do and talk about.

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