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10 Quotes That Prove Romance Is DEFINITELY Dead

If it feels like your relationship is failing and it might be over sooner than you think, you’re probably pretty down on yourself right now.

Accepting the fact that romance is totally dead can be heartbreaking. You might start asking yourself something like, “where did it go wrong, is it my fault?”


But even with self-deprecating inner commentary like this, it is important to remember that you are NOT to blame for falling out of love. When the romance is gone, it is hard to get it back, especially if you and your man have gone through it all and don’t see a reason to keep trying.

This realization can be an incredibly sad thought to wrap your head around, but that doesn’t mean romance is dead forever; just with this one person.

And to be honest with you, the right person will ALWAYS make sure romance stays alive in a relationship, no matter how long you two have been together.

So, if the relationship goes totally kaput because there just wasn’t any love left, then I’m here to tell you it’s okay because he probably wasn’t the one to begin with.

That said, coping takes many forms and sometimes, it is easier (and more cathartic) to be sad for a while before picking yourself up and starting over.

You might think, “f*** love,” altogether or you might want to just burn every shred of evidence that proves your relationship even existed, but however you do it, I fully support letting yourself feel these raw emotions.


Why? Because it forces you to do some soul-searching to figure out what you really want in life, even if you already know it and just don’t know how to say it out loud.

But for now, it probably makes the most sense to embrace feeling sad and tell yourself that this romance is O-V-E-R! In order to help you do just that, we found some "where has romance gone" quotes that might be a little bit sad, but definitely prove that romance is dead and NOT coming back (at least, for you and that guy).

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where has romance gone quotes

"True love leaves a memory no one can steal and a heartache no one can heal."

where has romance gone quotes

"We had the right love at the wrong time."

where has romance gone quotes

"I guess that's just part of loving people: you have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up." — Lauren Oliver

where has romance gone quotes

"People are people and sometimes it doesn't work out."

where has romance gone quotes

"The problem was she wanted to be loved so badly she couldn't tell it wasn't love." — Leo Christopher

where has romance gone quotes

"Don’t let the heart that didn't love you, keep you from the one that will."

where has romance gone quotes

"Stop chasing the wrong one. The right one won't run" — Alfa

where has romance gone quotes

"The hardest part about walking away from you is knowing that you won't run after me."

where has romance gone quotes

"I got tired of waiting for you to be the person you were, I began to accept the fact that the person I loved was simply an illusion." — r.h. Sin

where has romance gone quotes

"It’s like a part of me wants you, and another part of me knows I’m better off without you."