What Your Crazy Hair Color Says About Your Secret Sexual Desires

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What Your Crazy Hair Colors Say About Your Sex Life

Crazy hair colors are enjoying a resurgence in popularity these days, and thank goodness. 

Up until very recently, I was one of the crazy hair colors fanatics, obsessed with dying my hair bright pink.

When you dye your hair, you're not thinking about the message you're sending.

Odds are, you're probably just looking for a fun change or a chance to express your personality in a new and fun way.

But be careful before you dye! 

The color you pick could be sending a message about you (and your sex life) that you had no idea about! 

Certain colors have historical associations and choosing to dye your hair one of them could be sending a message about your sex life that you might not be ready to share with the world.

Here's what you need to know about that amazing (but crazy!) color you want to dye your hair ... and what it says about your sexual fantasies

1. Pink hair

Pink historically has been associated with girlhood, lightness, and all things cute and gentle.

Women who dye their hair pink are more likely to submissive in the bedroom

They are giving and open lovers. 

They love sweet romantic displays and melt over stuff like rose petals on the bed. 

A girl with pink hair is a sweetheart who wears her heart on her sleeve, even when she's having sex.

Girls with pink hair fantasize about sexy tea parties and princes on white horses. 

2. Bright red hair

Like the color pink, red is also associated with love.

But while pink's love is sweet and innocent, bright hair can signal passion, heat, and desire. 

A woman with bright red hair likes to take control in the bedroom.

For her, sex is an athletic event that doesn't count unless you're both sweat covered and panting when it's through. 

For a red haired girl, her sexual fantasy involves stringing up her man like a Christmas goose. 

3. Blue hair 

Blue hair color is one the most popular crazy hair colors right now.

Blue attracts so many people because of its calming nature.

Women who dye their hair blue are confident and centered, especially in the bedroom.

They know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it. 

They are deeply in touch with their sexual desire

Women with blue hair love to fantasize about having sex in the ocean. 

4. Green hair 

When applied properly, green hair dye can be just stunning.

It can also say a ton about the person wearing it! 

Women who dye their hair green are possessive lovers, eager to leave a mark on their partner.

They've got a passion for giving hickeys, so be careful! 

They might take a rejection of their tough love as a sign that your eyes are wandering.

Jealousy can sometimes be their downfall.

Women with green hair love to role play as just two strangers meeting in a bar. 

5. Silver hair 

Silver hair is a growing trend and one of the coolest around (IMHO).

Women who dye their hair silver don't care how society sees them.

It should come as no surprise then that women who dye their hair silver tend to be kinky lovers.

They are eager to try new and exciting toys in the bedroom and love getting to know their partners' deepest darkest fantasies...

And making them a reality! 

For a silver haired girl the only limit is the imagination. She loves to experiment with butt plugs and other fun toys. 

6. Purple hair 

Purple hair is usually a sign that a person has been dying their hair lots of other colors.

Purple is the fail-safe hair color if you're worried no other color will stick.

It goes to follow women who dye their hair purple can be fickle, even in the bedroom.

They just don't know what they want! 

Some days it's cuddling, others, rough sex abounds

For a purple haired girl the sexual fantasy is of falling in love with her best friend after years of mounting tension.