People Can Either Inspire You Or Drain You — Choose Wisely

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People Can Either Inspire You Or Drain You

I've been guilty of gliding through life. Aimlessly letting the days pass me by, spending all my time at the same places with the same people talking about the same things. 

While it sounds incredibly boring on paper, in real life it's hard to even recognize it's happening. Everything seems decently normal until one day you find a list of goals you made when you were 15 and realized you haven't even come close to checking off the first item. The things you've been worried about aren't real things at all.

You spend weeks getting worked up about what some girl who slept with the same guy you did a few months ago. You stay on the phone for hours talking about a promotion to a semi-management position at a job you didn't plan on being at for more than two years. You stay up late worrying about all your friends who are married and pregnant and feeling like you've missed your window. 

It's stuff that in the grand scheme of life all doesn't mean squat.


Think about it: if you hung out with people who only talked about their goals and dreams, wouldn't you be more motivated to chase yours? And if you hung out with people who only gossiped and whined about their lives, wouldn't you do the same? 

We love the people we hang out with for the most part, but they could be the very thing that's bringing us down. That's why we should choose friends wisely.

If you feel like you're stuck and unable to move forward toward the kind of life you want, it's important to ask yourself what's making you feel that way.

For me, I was always worried about my friends making fun of me or thinking I wasn't good enough to do what I wanted. I saw how negatively they talked about other people and was convinced they would do the same to me

Instead of ditching them like I should, I let them hold me back. And it wasn't until I found other people who were more supportive that I was finally able to let that crowd go. 

Honestly, I'm usually too timid of a person to just cut someone off. So rather than blocking them from Snapchat (which has proven to be very effective), I fill my life up with more positive people. The more good I add to my circle, the less room I have for bad. 


So stop wasting your life away on gossip and negative cliques. People can literally drain your energy and excitement and leave you exhausted and unmotivated. It's important to recognize and record how you feel when you're around certain people.

And stop making time for the ones who make you feel like sh*t.