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The CRAZY Sexual Thing That Happened When I Tried Weed Edibles

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The CRAZY Thing That Happened When I Tried Weed Edibles

When all my friends were experimenting with weed in middle school, I was too afraid to try it. My high school health class can be thanked for giving me a good dose of fear over supposed "gateway drugs" like marijuana.

But over the years, I knew plenty of people who swore that marijuana is good for you, and I've been to parties and homes where people smoked around me, but I never took the personal leap of courage to take a hit.

Deep down, I was curious. I always wondered if I missed out on a cosmic teenage experience. 

So, when weed was legalized in Denver, my interest piqued. At first, I was kind of worried that legalizing weed would lead to increase in crimes and cause more people to become addicted to drugs. 

But then a few people I knew moved to Denver. None of them were drug addicts, but all of them had tried weed edibles. So, when I joined my spouse on a work trip in Denver, I considered the possibility of having my first weed edible experience.


Upon landing, my husband and I checked out downtown Denver and dipped into a small candy store where there was a display of gummy bears. I wondered if they sold edibles.

When I asked the owner, he laughed. He told me all the tourists ask him the same question, but that the only place to buy weed was a local dispensary and directed us to his favorite place, Euflora Recreational Dispensary, just a block away. He said it had the best prices and the best edibles. 

So, I took my spouse by the hand and we found Euflora. At first, I was fearful of getting myself into a shady situation because to get to the actual store, we had to go down a dim set of stairs leading to a hallway in a basement of an old building. 

But I decided that it was now or never. We weren't breaking any laws, and the weed was regulated and safe.  


Screw it. I was here and was going to try marijuana for the first time

My husband and I went through a door where a friendly sales clerk checked our drivers' licenses. She pointed to a row of tables with little plant samples labeled for their specific medicinal purposes. I was impressed.

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Some edibles looked like little chocolate brownies the size of a quarter and in one glass dish, they had tiny gummies that looked just like Sour Patch Kids with sugar sprinkled all over them in rainbow colors.

I found out they sold weed edibles in little bags of twelve in flavors like lemon, grape, strawberry, and watermelon — and we only needed a bite to get the full effect.

My husband and I weren't interested in smoking pot, so eating edibles was the perfect alternative. We spent $24 on EdiPure, Sweet and Sours and rushed back to the hotel. It couldn't have been any easier.

When we got back to our hotel room, I chose the lemon and he took grape. 

I took a tiny bite on the edge that was no bigger than a peanut. The gummy was chewy, but easily melted into my mouth. The taste went from slightly lemon and sour to sweet, just like a Lemonhead, but there was a slightly bitter taste at the end.

I took a swig of water, turned on the television to watch a movie, and waited to see what would happen next. Twenty minutes later, my husband tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I felt anything.

That's when a sensation I can only describe as 'utter euphoria' came over me.


We had a great time, but none of the "high" giggles or silliness I've seen portrayed in movies.  We weren't slurring. My husband wanted to see if sex would be any different after eating an edible and OMG, It was.

First, I noticed an increase in my sexual desire. Normally, after traveling, I'm too tired for sex the first night but for some reason, it felt like I had taken a female Viagra.

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When my husband started going down on me, it felt more intense on my clit than it ever had before. A part of me wondered if the edible helped calm my travel anxiety, but whatever the weed was doing, I enjoyed our sex more and my vagina was way more sensitive. 

Everything he did to me sexually felt ten times better. It was also a lot easier for both of us to orgasm.

I experienced no paranoia, never felt out of control and didn't have any food cravings. We both felt relaxed for eight hours and the next morning, I didn't have a headache or a hangover. But I was ready for another romp in the bed. 

In the three days we were in Denver, I didn't even finish a whole edible from the pack we bought from the dispensary. We ended up giving the rest of our edibles to our Uber driver since you can't take them through airport security.

Trying edibles was such a fun and positive experience and, for me, a much safer alternative to alcohol. When I've gotten drunk in the past, I felt like I wasn't in control, but on edibles, I felt completely in control.

It's too bad more states don't have recreational dispensaries like they do in Denver because now that I've tried them, I would totally do it again.