5 Foods That Will Totally KILL His Erection

Definitely avoid these!

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So, you love having sex with your boyfriend.

Of course, you do! 

He is a dear and his penis is just splendid.

But lately, you've noticed that his penis hasn't been as ready for action as it has been in days of yore. 



The problem could actually be his diet! 

There are some common, everyday foods that could be sneakily affecting your boyfriend's penis. 

Here are five foods he should avoid if he wants to have a rock hard penis for sex. 


Soy is a great meat alternative for veggie eaters and it has great health benefits.

However, it's also a major erection killer.

Sorry, penis! 

Eating too much soy can reduce the amount of testosterone in his body which can, in turn, make getting and keeping his penis hard almost impossible.

Quick, somebody hide the soy sauce! 

2. Most red meat 

The red meat you buy at the grocery store might taste great, but it could wreak havoc on his penis. 


If you can't shake the red meat habit (and you should, for heart health), make sure you are only buying grass-fed beef.

Non-organic, and non-grass fed red meat contains artificial hormones that can damage a man's testosterone levels. 

So if you want to say hello rock hard penis, say goodbye burger.



3. White bread

At this stage in the game, basically ,everyone knows that white bread isn't great for you.

It's especially rough on the penis because ingesting too many carbs can lead to bad fat accumulating in the body.

This leads to an excess of estrogen, which in turn, means less hard penis time for him. 

Switch up to whole wheat for the sake of your erection. 

4. Bottled Water

Weird but totally true! 

Your man probably doesn't think twice before grabbing a bottle of water to quench his thirst after some time at the gym.

Unfortunately, the BPA in the bottle his water comes in could be doing his sperm count serious damage. 

Protect his penis AND his little swimmers! Get a BPA-free water bottle. 



5. Canned soup


Even though he's all grown up (and how!) your mine might still have a soft spot for those canned soups. 

Who doesn't love a little bit of warm soup on a cold night?

Warms the belly and the heart! 

Unfortunately, most of these are also LOADED with sodium! 

Too much sodium can lead to less effective blood flow to all parts of the body, including the penis.

Opt for low sodium or no sodium options whenever you can!