Um, WHAT?! 70% Of You Think Doing THIS In The Car Is HOT

Photo: WeHeartIt
romantic road trip

We all know that we Americans just LOVE our cars. And maybe THIS helps explain why ... 

Early results from a "Love on the Road" survey that YourTango and Ford Motor Co. are currently conducting discovered not only how much we all love our cars but how we actually experience love IN them too.

An incredible 70% of people think doing the deed in the car is "sexy." (But 10% fessed up to never having tried it. We'd say live a little but there are mixed views on this.)

And whether it was your first date picking you up in your parents' driveway (please say he didn't honk!) to your first road trip as a couple, the car has been the scene for so many of our unforgettable "first times."

The survey found that 57% of people reported experiencing a "major first" in an automobile — an unforgettable first kiss, the first time you said "I love you," a first heartbreak or breakup, or your, ahem, you know, “first time." (You probably remember the make and model. The boy. The girl. The setting. Right?)

There's something about the solitude of the car — your ability to set the mood, to tune out distractions and truly connect, to look at the road ahead of you and see endless possibilities (or just the end of the road).

That setting has made the car the scene of many a serious relationship talk — almost 4 out of 5 people said they'd had at least one

They say there's nothing like traveling to make or break a relationship, and it was a road trip that helped 34% of people open their eyes to the fact that their relationship was doomed.

Here are some other interesting findings from the Ford/YourTango "Love on the Road Survey"

1. So busted. Almost 30% of people reported to having been caught in the act in the car  — usually by cop or worse, a rent-a-cop. (And you thought that only happened in movies.)



2. Didn't see that coming. While we thought the backseat would hands down win for best spot for a tryst, 34% of people out there prefer the front. Go figure.


3. Clean up your act! The top things your date doesn’t want to encounter in your car: the remnants of your late-night Taco Bell run (39%) and dirty laundry (33%). Ew. (We also advise getting rid of any evidence of an ex ... )



4. Keep on truckin'. Almost 40% say pickup trucks are the sexiest automobiles followed by sports cars in a close second. 



5. Rock on ... Luckily, most people (91%) are forgiving of bad musical tastes. So no need to switch the stat from aggrotech or crustpunk or whatever the heck "unique" genre you're listening to these days. 


Ford and YourTango would love to hear about your romantic encounters on the road. (Anyone lose their V-card in a Mustang, by any chance?) The "Love on the Road" survey is still open and five lucky readers will win their own uber-hip Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant camera