12 Women Reveal The Weirdest Thing They Do BEFORE Sex

These are oddly very specific.

Pre-Sex Rituals weheartit

A lot of us have a ritual before we have sex: We may take a bath and make sure to shave every intimate area. We may go for a wax or a body wrap. We may even go for a glass of wine to chill out.

But there's a lot of people who actually have very specific pre-sex rituals.

We talked to a bunch of women, some of which are all about setting the mood. This may include music, candles, dim lighting, and other standard romantic setups. But others are more practical about it. They may go to a mikveh if they engage in kosher sex practices, or pre-lube in order to make sure things go smoothly (literally!).


They may even pre-prep by some alone pleasure time. Sometimes you need to get yourself in the mood to get in the mood with him. Also, sometimes it's just about making yourself be an adult: Get those stuffed animals off that bed before you get a man in it.

While some of getting ready for sex is the physical stuff like baths, waxing, body butters or oils, a lot is mental and emotional.

1. I sniff candles.



"I have this super-crunchy earth momma candle that a friend gave me years ago that smells like really good men's cologne. So if I want to go game on but I'm not 100 percent in the mood, I'll open it up and take a couple sniffs before getting in bed."

2. I lube up my vagina when he's not looking.

"If I know I will be having sex, I apply lube beforehand and without him knowing so he assumes that he is so amazing and I am so excited that I wet myself so intensely. To clarify, I'll go into the restroom, slide my panties to the side, and apply lube generously. I go back to the sofa and make out. It makes them more excited when they assume you are as excited as they are."

3. I go to a mikveh.



"I have kosher sex, so I never have sex after my period until after I've gone to the mikveh."  ***A mikveh is a bath used by Jewish women for a type of ritualistic cleansing or purification. While it has many uses related to the faith, women traditionally visit the Mikveh after their period ends before having sex with their husband.

4. I fantasize about being in an orgy.



"When I know that we are planning to have sex I imagine myself in an orgy with 10 guys with my boyfriend watching from the shadows. I never tell my boyfriend this but it gets me very excited and totally in the mood."

5. I stretch.

"Come on, you want to have things get a little gymnastics like in there, right? Stretching first can go a long way."


6. I oil myself up from head to toe.


"If I know I'm going to be having sex, I will always use a little body oil down there, on my neck and my breasts. It seeps into my skin throughout the date, so then they think I just naturally smell that way."

7. I hide all my stuffed animals.



"Before sex, I hide my childhood lovey. It's a stuffed dog I've had since I was 5 and it helps me sleep... unless I have a real man in my bed! Sorry, Sammy!"

8. I eat pineapple.

"Hey, it's just being polite. I want to taste good down there!"

9. I force myself to pee.

"I make myself pee and then use a TON of baby wipes to clean myself because I want to smell fresh in the event my husband takes his mouth below the border."

10. I clean out my nose.



"I always check to see if anything is in my nose. I don't want their focus to be on a surprise dangler."

11. I check my butt crack for debris.

"I establish there is nothing untoward in my butt crack. Like, a long head-hair that has fallen from my head into my butt, or lingering TP."

12. I inspect my body for unsightly blemishes.

"Because I'm far-sighted, I have to closely examine my body for unwanted hairs, zits, and scabs... with reading glasses on."