5 Reasons To Love A Man Who Plays Guitar

(As written by one.)

Why You Should Fall In Love With A Guitar Player courtesy of the author

There are many things you have to consider if you're toying with the idea of loving a man. You have to know what kind of background he comes from. You have to know if he has human empathy or if he's got a decent job. You need to consider if he loves his mama. And you probably need to consider if he still lives with her or not.

But one question to ask yourself that may not immediately spring to mind when you're teetering along that fine line between smitten and jettin' is this: Does the guy play the guitar?


It's a simple yes or no thing, pretty easy to figure out. If he doesn't, he doesn't. It likely won't affect your impression of him if you really dig him a lot. 

But if he does play the guitar, well, you might want to really take a closer look at that fact. Why? Because guitar players might just happen to have that special little extra something that you're looking for when it comes to falling hard for another person

Photo credit: Courtney Heiser


I'll admit it, I'm super-biased here. I've played the guitar since I was a kid. But hear me out. I know a thing or two about six-stringers. And I know a thing or two about love as well. 

With that, here are 5 reasons to love a guitar player.

1. He loves music.

I'm sorry, but if you're dating a guy and he's kind of wishy-washy about music, and if he's not really committed to certain styles or bands or acts, and if he seems as if music's only role in his life is background noise on the commercials while he's watching ESPN, then only you have two choices in my book. 

  1. You dump his ass immediately.
  2. Or you dump his ass first thing tomorrow morning. (BTW, text breakup is perfectly acceptable when dealing with people who don't love music.)

See, the thing is — and this has been scientifically proven since the dawn of man — dudes who don't LOVE music, some kind of music, ANY kind of music (except if they ONLY like new country — that is not cool), are not even remotely worth spending any amount of time with ever. Unless you couldn't care less about music. In which case, please be together ASAP so the rest of us hoping to meet someone on a Friday night never have to worry about running into either of you again. 


Guitar-playing gents on the other hand? Well, they're wearing that love of music on their sleeve now, aren't they? Music is indispensable to their genetic makeup, to their very existence even. Without music, they would collapse in a heap of welcome death and that's the truth. Love a guy who likes music, will you? Guitar players are automatics. 

2. He's passionate.

Men who play the guitar don't learn to play because they're bored and looking for something new to kill time. That's golf. A guy who takes up the guitar takes it up with an eager passion. He wants to learn. He can feel it in his bones. And so, whether he takes lessons or teaches himself, more often than not he throws himself at the endless hours of practice it takes to become even a bit competent on the instrument. 


That's a damn good sign in a fella. Passion for life, passion for learning, passion for not giving up, and a passion for life-changing accomplishment. How can that be anything but hot? 

3. He's extremely committed.

If you're not just some Tinder hookup zipping through meat and you're actually looking for a guy with a sense of commitment, then you ought to recognize guitar players as possible mates. Because for a man to have gotten himself to the point here he can sit down in front of you and play even three basic chords and sing you a song (no matter how of- key), he has spent a ton of time working up until that moment.

Playing the guitar is hard at first. Your fingers don't work. They never do what you want them to do. And it's so easy to become frustrated enough to quit the damn thing almost from the get-go. 


Some do. But many don't. They stick with it because they believe in it. They believe in the possibilities and they're willing to experience the many lows that come along with wanting something before you've fully earned it.

It takes guts to learn to play guitar. It takes supreme dedication. And in a very cool way, it requires the same kind of commitment that being in a love affair requires. If you remain patient and strong and unflappable in your desire; you end up with something magic in your life. Simple as that. 

4. He can put his love for you into a song.

You ever have a song written for you? About you? Me neither. But I have written some about someone I loved. And let me tell you something: it's ultra badass, that feeling you feel when you find yourself trapped forever in another person's music and lyrics.


It's on my bucket list to have a song written about me. But I'm older now and I'm pretty much set in my assh*le ways, so maybe it isn't such a great idea for me anymore. But you? A guitar man could make that happen for you. And if you're really lucky, or maybe even really special (or unbelievable in bed), the song a guy writes you into might actually be a great one. Imagine that. And smile.

5. There's nothing hotter than a musician.


Sure, it is mighty shallow of me to throw this one in here, but f*ck it. Life is life and there are certain undeniable truths that we all just need to accept as reality. History has proven, time and time again, that Keith Richards standing in the smoky shadows of a stage with a Telecaster slung low and dirty around his body is one sexy MF. Even I would kiss his cigarette-y mouth, that red-hot ancient sizzling beast. And you would too, trust me.

If Keith Richards walked into your job right now and stood above you at your cubicle with his black Tele on and blew smoke in your face and said, all wheezy and beautiful, "Dah-lin, put your bloody tongue in my gob pronto," you would do it. Willingly. And people would f*cking understand, too! Hell, all your co-workers would stand up and cheer.

Because guys with guitars on are hotter than guys without 'em. And guys who can actually play the damn thing, well... you know what you feel when you feel it, you naughty lass.

Anyway, there's a band going on stage at some club near you sometime tonight. Do it.