This Bar Caters Strictly To 'Beautiful' People — And We're Puking

There's no room for normal-looking people.

Yes, There's A Bar That Only Allows In Beautiful People Freeman Studio / Shutterstock

Why does it seem like people who insist that they’re beautiful are often the ugliest on the inside?

In 2016, Greg Hodge, the founder of — a site that is not at all controversial (read that dripping with sarcasm) — proposed a bar where only the most beautiful, wonderfully pleasing to the eye people in the world will be allowed in.

There are (clearly) a couple of stipulations. First, you must be a member of their cute little online club, which requires a headshot, a body shot, and yes, a profile. Secondly, you must be deemed “beautiful.” By this man:


“We get backlash it’s discriminatory,” he said. “But we’re simply owning it.”

Yes, that man serves as a judge for which people are aesthetically-pleasing and which are not. It’s no wonder I think that many of us will get flashbacks to that time when something similar happened to Mike Jeffries of Abercrombie & Fitch when he claimed that his clothes were only for “hot” or “good-looking” people. 

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Either way, he and Greg would probably have a lot to talk about in this “hot people club.” Both of them can get together and judge other people based entirely on their physical appearance instead of on their personality, sense of humor, or intelligence, which are actually much sexier features than just having a nice body.


The club/bar/possible supervillain den would be only for those lucky sexy people who signed up online and were deemed hot enough to enter its extensively judgmental doors in Los Angeles.

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In other words, people that Greg Hodge thinks aren’t pretty aren’t welcome  and no, will not be allowed to get inside.


At the time, he claimed that the bar will be “filled with bright, intelligent, articulate people, people from all walks of life, from dental nurses to models.”

I think it goes without saying that the stretch from “dental nurses to models” is a pretty narrow gap that pretty much focuses on people who have two things: money, and the desire to be deemed attractive by a man who looks like he ran a pyramid scheme in the 80s.

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On top of that, people who are used to being judged solely on their physical appearance are not really in the market for intelligence or articulacy, are they?


The bright side to this is that if we look at it conversely, Greg Hodge is actually a hero, trapping a bunch of superficial, shallow people in a room together with him, keeping them away from the rest of the world and keeping them out of the areas where us normals hang out.

When you look at it that way, I guess you really could say it’s beautiful.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on November 28, 2016 and was updated with the latest information.