11 Creative Ways You Never Even KNEW You Could Masturbate

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Sure, you probably have used your hands and fingers to masturbate for years. But just like with intercourse, you'll notice that solo play becomes a lot more fun when you add a little variety.

Every so often, you may try the hot new toy or watch a whole other kind of porn. You'll find it makes things hotter. But have you ever had those surprise orgasms? Maybe while doing the laundry or on a motorcycle?

Basically, anything with vibrations can end up showing you a good time, and that's not the end of it. There are lots of unexpected ways to orgasm, and a lot involve things you are probably already doing but just never expected it could be used for this reason!

For example, would you consider a bathtub jet spray or handheld shower head? "Just take a seat on the edge of your tub, toilet seat or stand and use the water jet to stimulate your clitoris," says sexpert Coleen Singer of Sssh.comIt turns out to be a common but unexpected source of intense pleasure.

"When I was 20 and in a hot tub, I accidently put my vagina near one of the strong jets with other people in the hot tub. It was very exciting and they had no idea what I was doing. I had an orgasm in about 5 seconds!" says Julia Allen, a pioneer female entrepreneur and co-founder of StockingsVR.

Besides using the showerhead, here are 11 ways you should know how to masturbate. You never know — you may get a surprise orgasm.

1. Doing sit-ups.

"It was early in high school gym class when I learned that simply doing sit-ups could bring me to climax. Embarrassing at the time, but it came in 'handy' later in life when I wanted to kill two birds with one stone," says Kristin S. of Motorbunny.

2. Riding a bicycle


"A girlfriend introduced this to me. She told me that the reason she loved to take long bicycle rides was because she would have multiple orgasms all day from her bicycle seat. She also didn't wear any panties. So the next day I went out with her and became a bicycle convert," says Allen.

3. Grinding on furniture

Dry-humping furniture while watching Virtual Reality porn is a great way to masturbate.

"When I have the glasses on I lose all perspective and just start grinding on whatever piece of furniture is around," says Allen.

4. Using an electric toothbrush


First, get a bag of Disposable Latex Finger Cots (Reusable Rubber Fingertips Protective), and then get to work.

"You will need these to put over the brush end of the toothbrush as the fibers would be far more intense than you would enjoy and possibly scratch your sensitive parts. Once set up, turn on the power and enjoy. If your electric toothbrush has a 'pulse' setting, experiment with that as well," says Singer.

5. Leaning on a washing machine

It vibrates when on the spin cycle and using it to masturbate can be interesting.

"All you need to do is sit on the machine when it is on spin cycle, and let the vibration bring you to orgasm (you may also need to rub your clit with your fingers to come to climax). If you want an extra variation to add some 'kick,' throw a pair of sneakers into the washing machine; will dramatically increase the experience," says Singer.

6. Rubbing against the water faucet


Masturbating while in the tub or shower is a deliciously sensual and pleasing way to get yourself off, says Antonia Hall, MA. a psychologist, relationship expert and author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life. A shower head or tub faucet against your clitoris feels amazing and can lead to some pretty incredible orgasms.

7. Taking advantage of lube

Making things slick feels great and can assist with reaching climax for many women, says Hall. Make sure to use a natural lubricant that is free of toxins, like parabens and phthalates.

8. Finding your G-spot


While most women need good clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, one shouldn't discount some G-spot play to increase climactic pleasure, says Hall. About two inches inside along the front wall is a ridged area. Curl your fingers, rubbing against the area while using the palm of your hand against your clit. This dual action can lead to mind-bending orgasms.

9. Laying on your stomach

If you usually masturbate lying on your back, try switching it up by lying face down. You can put a pillow between your legs and rub against it or support a sex toy, which you can straddle. Find the right angles to bring yourself to blissful climax.

10. Laying on your side


Lying on your side, rub your thighs together, and focus on stimulating your clitoris, says Hall. You can add a pillow to rub against, as well as inserting Ben Wa or Kegel balls to add further stimulation. Rock back and forth, finding that perfect rhythm.

11. Doing Kegels

Women are wired to have orgasms from Kegels and breathwork.

"Squeezing your PC muscle while focusing on moving sexual energy can lead to incredible orgasms, all hands off. My book teaches women how to breathe, bounce, and squeeze their way to multiple orgasms. It's a great skill to learn, which will serve you well for the rest of your life," says Hall.