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5 AMAZING Things About Loving An Introverted Man

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Years ago I didn't know there were such things as introverts or extroverts. All I wanted to do was communicate easily, make jokes, and come to an understanding with people. Though I didn't succeed in talking to guys I liked, I was pretty social with my closest friends. So when I learned the word extrovert, I thought I was one. 

But the happiness didn't last long. One day, when my counselor said to me, "You think you're an extrovert? Dear, you are a perfect example of an introvert," I was surprised and confused. Since then, I've met a lot of real introverts whose world is very differed from mine. (I've met a lot of true extroverts, too, whose erratic energy absorbed all the things around them in seconds.)

I soon learned I'm somewhere in the middle of the two. 

I've always been attracted to extroverted men. They're fun, easy-going, and own all the places they enter. But someone saved me from this misconception. Someone came from the darkness — the last in a pack of guys talking to me — squatted, smiled, and said Hi. It was my husband: A true introvert.

Strangers say he comes across silent and nervous but they have no idea what they're missing. Here are 5 amazing things about living with an introverted man:

1. They keep their affection only for you.

They are rigid with their colleagues and they don't tell secrets to acquaintances. They keep their affection only for their closest friends and family, for those whom they trust. You never need to share an introvert with their friends and you never need to win that competition as you're already the winner in their eyes; you are the number one.

Being loved by an introvert means feeling all the love and warmness they can give. It means being the keeper of their most personal experiences and feeling your significance to them every single day.

2. They let their inner child free around you.

Introverts are secretive while with strangers. They act seriously and don't let themselves do stupid things. But around you, introverts let their inner child free out because deep down, they're kids at heart: sweet, sincere and playful. In my presence, my husband acts spontaneously, sings songs, and horses around.

3. They only let their closest friends into their world.

Indeed, home for introverts is the fortress where they can hide from the outside world and be themselves. To enter this fortress, you need to earn the introvert's trust. It means there won't be strangers who will steal your peace and make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

Every inhabitant of the introvert's fortress is treated generously. Everyone has their own place where they can feel absolutely safe.

4. They're full of fantastic ideas.

Introverts live in fairy-tale worlds; they create thousands of universes in their minds but keep them secret. Their mind is full of crazy, bold ideas, which means you'll never get bored in an introvert's company. Their mind gushes with extraordinary thoughts and assumptions. As long as you're supportive, they will guide you through the magic world of their dreams, which will eventually become your dreams, as there's little chance you'll be able to withstand their beauty.

5. They're incredibly faithful.

Introverts pick their friends and hold them dear. They prefer to spend time with you individually than with company. Even when they decided to spend time with other people, they still need you in order to feel support and have a pair of eyes they can look into and feel safe. At the same time, they never infringe on your freedom or private space. When you're loved by an introvert, you really feel that you're two parts of one.

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